Name:  Ennis Xero

Rank: Lt.

Race: Trill (Joined)

Age: 28 (Trill),  359 (Symbiont)

Height: 5’11’’

Weight: 165

Eyes: Dark Gray

Hair: Blonde

Known Relatives:

Past Hosts:  (In chronological order) Gatan for 63 years, Jadzia for 89 years, Beq for 27 years, Pilu for 67 years, Forticco for 68 years, Rurkor for 34 years.


Skills: Due to his past lives, Xero has many skills.  Personally, Ennis is an accomplished with tactile strategy, firearms, and hand to hand combat.  On the other end of the spectrum, more than one previous host were diplomats and scientists. 



Born on the Trill homeworld, Ennis grew up like many of the Trill children, hoping to become a candidate for joining with a symbiont one day.  At age 17, he entered the program for becoming joined and was joined with the Xero symbiont which had had 6 previous hosts before Ennis.  He joined starfleet academy when afterwards and after completing it, h e was stationed aboard the USS Tian Nam Men shortly after leaving Starfleet Academy and found himself on the front line between the Klingon-Romulan Border.  After the dispute between the two warring races was resolved, his ship was sent to explore the space expanding out towards the Delta Quadrant.  By then he had been promoted and worked as both tactile officer and as Security Chief.           

            Seeking a more permanent post, he requested a transfer to Deep Space Station M-5. 



            Ennis believes himself to have a pretty good combination of his original personality as well as those of his past lives.  Most influential he, believes, are the more recent hosts.  Despite his Adherance to Starfleet principles, Ennis can be very lax and can be very openly sarcastic (except to out ranking officers). 


History of Past Hosts:  


Gatan – The first host of the Xero symbiont, Gatan was a professor of archeology and history on the Trill Homeworld.  He was married twice after being joined and lived to the age 80. 


Jadzia – The second host and remembered most for her notorious sexual drive after being joined.  It is said that her reason for living to the age of 105 was that she always found ways of keeping “physically” fit.  Occupationally, she was a diplomat having the ability to charm almost anyone she knew. 


Beq – The third host of the Xero symbiont was probably the most foul tempered.  Known for his bad attitude, Beq always found ways to pick a fight.  He was known for his physical prowess sports wise, but was not as exceptional in mental abilities as many of the other hosts.   Beq, who realized he was the most moody of any of the previous hosts, always commented that he would probably be in jail for bar fighting if not for having gained Gatan’s calm manner.  Mysteriously, a brain hemorrhage killed Beq at age 47, never marrying.


Pilu – The fourth host was probably the most accomplished, a space explorer, exo-biologist, and diplomat to other worlds in later years.   Pilu was a wise woman who made the most out of Xero’s past lives.  Always polite, small in size, and plain in looks, people often mistook her as someone who could be taken advantage of, but they did not reckon Beq’s strong-willed influence on her life.  Of all her accomplishments, her greatest regret was never truly finding love. 


Forttico – Forticco was a man who enjoyed what life had to offer, traveling through space as an exploring and only returning to Trill when he needed to.  Always the lush, people found him to be very friendly.  Like Jadzia before him, he found someone wherever his travels took him and left more than one broken heart among the stars. 


Rurkor – The first of the Xero hosts to join Star Fleet, Rurkor was very strictly a duty bound officer.  Stationed aboard the USS Kyushu and raise through the ranks, eventually becoming XO.  He found love in a science officer, but before they were to be married the Kyushu was sent to face off with the Borg at Wolf 359.  After seeing his love get assimilated, he barely made it to an escape pod, but not before he suffered massive burns from a plasma conduit.  Luckily for the symbiont, he was taken to the Trill Homeworld and was saved.