Real name: Nicodemus (Nicholas) Braddock

Age: 17

Weight: 150 lbs.

Height: 6’1”

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Purple

Birthplace: London, England

Distinguishing Features: Has a large tribal-like tattoo on his chest, shoulder, and arm.

Known Relatives:  Brian Braddock (brother), Elizabeth Braddock(sister), Jamie Braddock (brother), Sir James Braddock (father, deceased)


Powers:  Psychokinetic abilities/telekinetic abilities.  Psychokinetic powers allow for attacks of explosive kinetic energy generated by his mind.  The range of power generated can vary from a small “flick” to large explosions (the maximum of which has yet to have been reached).  His skill in his psychokinetic powers is not very refined and generally attacks with the force of high-strength punch, although with much concentration he has been able to produce explosions the size of hand grenades.  His telekinetic abilities are more refined, and is able to move of up to 200 pounds if concentrating and can hover with ease.  He is not able to telekinetically shield himself though. 


Personality:  Nicodemus is a very introverted person and very intelligent.  He was raised as a rich aristocratic Briton, and while he doesn’t quite act like a snob, he does consider most people to be below him.  When he uses his psychokinetic powers, he is prone to have psychotic tendencies, though maintaining a calm exterior. 


History:  Nicodemus was born the youngest son of Sir James Braddock of England.  Growing up in London, he was often picked upon by his older siblings and resented them for it.  He received the finest education and was a good learner, but received little love from his father, as his sister and elder siblings received most of the attention.  Jamie, the eldest, was a race-car driver by the time he was 20. Brian excelled in school in more than Nicodemus did, and Elizabeth was the only girl. 

Sir James died while serving in the Middle East, assisting with the Desert Storm effort.  Nicodemus was 15 then, yet he found he didn’t quite care much. He was put under Jamie’s care, but ran away from home.  He used money from the account his father had saved for him to survive and found himself enjoying life traveling.  When his powers began to manifested, he found that when he used them he got a rush from causing destruction and death. 

By the time he was 16, he had murdered two men who attacked him for believing he was a mutant.  Luckily for him, he escaped before the police arrived, but witnesses had identified him.  His assets were frozen and he was disowned from the Braddock family for his angry ways. 

Luck struck again for Nicodemus late in his 16th year, when Magneto brought him under his wing to be trained in the Brotherhood.