[Gage] Would you mind transferring these mission specifications to the War Room and displaying them please?

<Dragon> ::puts stuff away in the fridge then sits down to eat::

<Cryz> ::looks over at Drags:: We could just leave... not let them find us

[Gage] Sophia> Done.

<Dragon> I don't want to leave... ::shakes her head slightly:: I'd like to deck the guy who threatened to throw some criminal record at me if I did, though.

<Click> ::turns his gold armband over a few times:: ((why am i staying)) {{here? why?}}

<Dragon> ::rubs her forehead:: ((must be tired... concentration's ranging))

[Gage] Thanks. ::heads out of the Com. Office and heads to the War Room:: *sigh*

<BloodShadow> (( a little ol' Criminal record ant going to scare me .... heck, when i return home, the brits have orders ta shoot me on sight .... Makes it all dah more fun ))

[Gage] ::enters the War Room and sits silently at the head of the table, strums his fingers:: ((This is going to be weird. I-)) ::closes his eyes and rubs them with his thumb and index finger::

<Cryz> ::frowns slightly:: ((You alright hon?))

<Dragon> {{Yeah, I'm fine.}} ::smiles a bit::

<Cryz> ::walks over and lightly puts a hand on her shoulder:: ((You sure?))

[Gage] ::sits up straight, taps com:: +base-com+ This is Gage. Can you guys, uh...meet me in the War Room? uh...thanks. ::wipes forehead::

<Dragon> {{Yeah, I'm sure}} ::glances up at the sound of the com:: ((sounds nervous))

<Dusk> ::showered and changed..combs her hair and looks in the mirror..rubs her eyes..looks around..grabs her water bottle and heads towards the war room::

<Click> ::clicks his fingers on his armband a few times then looks up::

<Dragon> ::sticks her sandwich in the fridge and brushes her hair down:: Shall we? ::looks to Cryz::

<BloodShadow> :::: gets up off his bed and exits his room ::: (( maybe i'll just stick around, and see how this wehlp handles dah team .... just maybe ... ))

<BloodShadow> :::: begins to head to the War Room ::::

<Click> ::stands up and walks towards the war room, making the usual clicks every step::

<Cryz> ::nods:: Sure... ::offers a hand to her:: Let's go

<Dusk> ::arches an eyebrow as she enters the war room and takes a seat:: You allright? You're sweating something awful

<Dragon> ::takes Cryz's hand and heads for the war room::

<BloodShadow> :: enters the war room and takes a seat, kicking his feet up on the Table :::::

[Gage] ::looks at Dusk:: Uh, yeah...sure...fine..::looks down::

<Cryz> ::walks with Drags into the war room:: ((At least now I'll get to talk to you more since you won't be busy leading..))

<Dusk> ::takes a sip of her water and nods:: I suggest relaxing just a bit

[Gage] ::scratching chin:: Hi..guys... I..I know I've been avoiding you all...but...::looks at everyone:: Sorry. ::looks back down at his hands, rubs his wrists:: Anyways...we've got a mission.

<Dragon> ::listens, drumming the fingers of one hand lightly on the table::

<BloodShadow> :::: watches Gage ::::

<Cryz> ::watches Gage::

<Dusk> ::nods and looks at him:: Have any detail on that or do we get to guess?

[Gage] ::stands, pointing at a screen displaying the blueprints of some sort of compound:: This is the, uh, Hulkbuster Base. ::looks at the team, trying to avoid eye contact::

[Gage] ::thoughtful look:: We have been issue orders by S.H.I.E.L.D., through the FBI, to investigate some sort of presence left in the compound's computer after Operation: Zero Tolerance. Apparently, some sort of program has taken over the systems there, and will not allow any being within a mile of it unless it's a mutant.

<Click> ::stays at the back, silent, waiting::

<Dragon> ::scratches her head, thinking back to her time in the X-Men::

[Gage] I understand that this is most likely some sort of a trap, but it's our-my first-well, lets just be prepared. ::wipes his forehead::

<Cryz> ((Hmm... won't let anything in unless it's a mutant..))

<BloodShadow> :::: looks to the Others :: to me it looks like the FBI has decided to get rid of us ......

<Dragon> ::studies the screen::

<Dragon> ::glances to Bloodshadow:: Shield and the FBI are both involved. I think if they were planning to get rid of us, they'd involve a few less people and make it a smaller production.

[Gage] ::looks at Dragon:: Uh...thanks.. ::slight smile::

[Gage] Our orders are to infiltrate the base, disengage this program or whatever it is, remove any technology or files deemed "important," then engage the auto-destruct sequence.

<Click> that it?

<BloodShadow> (( while the base locks down as were still in it .....))

<Cryz> Will we know what the "important" files are, or are we to just leave you alone with the computer systems?

[Gage] It sounds simply, but Bridge assured me that all the defense systems used by Bastion are still in affect. We are to remove command files used by Bastion, the Cerebro files stolen from proffesor X, as well as any information pertaining to this virus.

<Dusk> ((would seem simple enough..)) ::rests her head on her hand..looked at the blueprints and listens::

<Dragon> ::taps a finger, thinking:: Might i suggest making copies of these files for our own records?

[Gage] ::nods at Dragon:: My thoughts as well.

[Gage] We'll meet in the hangar in five minutes. Get ready if you need to.

<Dragon> ::nods and heads out::

[Gage] ::waits for the team to exit::

<Cryz> ((...get ready? I wish I needed to... it's a pain to always buy new clothes )) ::heads out with Drags::

<BloodShadow> ::: stands and begins to head towards his locker in the hanger :::::

<Click> ::turns and walks towards the hanger::

<Dusk> ::starts out of the war room and towards the hangar::

[Gage] Sophia transfer your program and all relevant data regarding Operation Zero-Tolerance into the Raptor.

[Gage] Sophia> What do I look like? Your secretary?

[Gage] *sigh* Just do it, please... ((stupid program))

[Gage] ::exits, heads toward the hangar:: ((That wasn't to bad, I suppose))

<BloodShadow> :::: reaches the hanger and walks over to his locker and unlocks it, retriving his duffle bag of goodies, then waits for the others in the hanger ::::

<Cryz> ::walks into the hangar, stretching slightly::

<Dragon> ::comes down to the hangar after changing into her costume::

[Gage] ACTION> BS, Cryz, and Dragon see the new jet issued to the team b the FBI.

<Dusk> ::moves up to her room and forms her armor around her and leaves her clothes in her room..heads into the hangar::

<Dragon> Heh. ::walks around the jet, looking it over::

<Cryz> ::studies the new jet:: So does this mean Sophia has something new to play around with?

[Gage] ::enter the hangar:: Oh yeah...this is the Raptor...our, uh, new jet. S.H.E.I.L.D. design, I'm told.

<BloodShadow> :::: glances over at the jett really not impressed with it :::::

<Click> ::waits in the hanger, not really noticing, or caring the new jet::

<Dusk> ::nods:: Nice heh ::runs a hand over her gauntlet on her right arm and moves towards the jet::

[Gage] Lets get aboard...::enters the jet and sits in the co-pilots seat::

<Dusk> ::moves into the jet and takes a seat::

<Click> ::walks onto the jet::

<Dragon> ::steps aboard::

[Gage] Sophia?

<BloodShadow> ::: walks onto the jet and sits down in an empty seat, setting his duffle bag infront of him :::::

[Gage] Sophia> I'm here.

<Cryz> ::walks into the jet, glancing around:: Great... now we trust our lives to the... bits of Sophia?

[Gage] Good. ::adjusts his seat:: Open the hangar doors and begin the pre-flight sequence.


<BloodShadow> can any one fly this jet manually?

<Cryz> ::takes a seat::

[Gage] ::glances back at BS:: So I'm told. ::smiles, scans the panel in front of him:: Uh.... here we go, ::hits a button::

<Dragon> Hazard. sortof. But he's not here. ::slight smirk::

[Gage] Lets go, Sophia.


[Gage] ***Epilogue***

[Gage] SCENE> Agent Smith and an Albino teenager named Fiona Wellington sit having a conversation in the FBI Building in New York City.

[Gage] Agent Smith> ::sounding very concerned:: So you see, Ms. Wellington, it's imperative that, with X-Factor's past, that we make sure everything is running smoothly...we're out here to protect the citizens, and we know that that's what you wish to do.

<Myriad> yes, of course... ::bites her lip:: have they done anything... like, real real bad?

[Gage] Agent Smith> Well, thats open to interpretation. They'd have you beleive that they haven't. Not to scare you. They're not evil.

[Gage] Agent Smith> Far from it, actually. They're...erradic.

<Myriad> right...

<Dragon> <<erratic :)>>

[Gage] Agent Smith> And I'd hate to think all that physical training went to waste...

[Gage] <<shush! ACTION> Dragon dissappears forever! =P j/k>>

<Dragon> <<*g*>>

[Gage] Agent Smith> Is there anything else, Ms. Wellington? ::smile::

<Cryz> <<disappear?>>

[Gage] <<*twitch*>>

<Myriad> ::fidgits a bit:: well.. i guess i'd like to take the job...

[Gage] Agent Smith> Excellent.

[Gage] Agent Smith> I've arranged for your transport to the Maine Facility. Thank you again.

[Gage] *****SIM END****