Designate:  Twitch
Name: Noah
Twitch *(real surname classified)

Gender: Male
145 lb.
Gilford, Ireland
Distinguishing features:
Some scarring in facial region
Known Relations:
Gillian Alwood (Daughter – Deceased) 

Skills: Master of several fighting forms. Astronomy.  He has traveled the world studying the “mystical” cultures such as the Native Americans, the Hindus, the Aboriginal, etc.


Powers: Ability to channel psionic energy. He can channel bolts of it through his body to generate force blasts and also enables to him to teleport himself through the psychic plane. Short-range telepathy is granted as well.  He also does not age as fast as normal people, appear several years younger than his actual age.


History:  Not much is known about Twitch.  He discovered his psychic abilities at an earlier than normal age and hid it from most people. He was born during the Second World War, and has traveled abroad ever since he was 18, when he joined the Royal Air Force. As one of the earliest known mutants, he was trained to hone his powers by the government, on the condition that he was allowed to be studied by government doctors throughout his life.  He became a “free-agent” (as he put it) after his tour of duty and traveled to many different countries, to study the cultures, performing jobs for his government on the side (Intelligence gathering, undercover assignments, etc.), all of which are classified.  As a result of his travel studies, he is a devout mystic, combing many points of different societies, cultures, and religions into his own craft. 

While studying in Africa when he was 22, Twitch encountered the Shadow King.   He challenged Twitch to battle him on the psychic plane, to which Twitch accepted.  Not knowing the true power the Shadow King wielded, Twitch was outclassed and only managed to escape the battle when he discovered he could teleport himself through the plane, out of the Shadow King’s reach.   

When he was 23, he had a child out of wedlock with an American woman named Janine Alwood.  Alwood raised the child, Gillian, until she was 15, when she ran away from home in search of her father.  She ended up finding him in India, where they established a wonderful relationship. She became anthropologist, traveling the world like her father before her, she hid the fact that she was a mutant as well and left to continue her work before she could reveal to her father what her powers were. Twitch has had not contact with her from then on.

Not much else is known about Twitch because he never stayed in any place for very long.  The secret as to why he does not age normally is unknown, as it does not appear to be a mutant related power. His profile and last name have been classified by the British gov’t for safety reasons.  During his early fifties, he returned to Europe and took up care of his family home near the Irish Coast. 

                For a brief stint he was a member of Excalibur, but left to stay with his daughter.  Before leaving, he threatened Brimstone to leave Excalibur alone.

            He turned up next in America, helping X-Factor with a time-travel mission. 


Personality:  Twitch carries with him what may seem an unpleasant outlook on life, but in actuality, he is a deep thinker, and a scholar.  He cares for those younger than him, like they are his sons and daughters.    

            He has a good sense of humor, but doesn’t stand for horseplay during serious situations. He also is well known for his ability to out-drink anyone. The nickname “Twitch” is derived from the head twitch he has when unleashing a psionic blast.  His closer friends call him Noah.