Name: Nigel Kane

Former Aliases: None

Age: 25

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 180 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland

Marital Status: Single

Distinguishing Features: Scar on the right side of his jaw

Known Relatives: Patrick Kane (father, deceased), Erin Kane (mother, deceased)

Group Affiliations: X-Factor(current); Interpol(former)


Arsenal is physically beyond a human's natural limitations, being stronger, faster, and having greater endurance.


Nigel was the son of two Interpol agenets who became missing in action. Later becoming a successful agent himself, he was partnered with a telepathic mutant named Anne. A relationship formed between them, which grew into an engagement to be married. However, on an investigation dealing with arms smuggling, they were lured into a building rigged with explosives by a mercenary called Magnum. Nigel barely survived, though he was badly injured by shrapnel. Unfortinately, Anne's wounds were too serious and she died in his arms.

Nigel's attitude changed drastically as he became obsessed with finding Magnum, who remained at large. His superiors eventually put him on suspension fo rhis behavior, causing him to resign in frustration.

Operating solo, Nigel became almost a mercenary himself, known as Arsenal. Though many of his exploits were unknown, he got the attention of certain members of the United States government. He was hired to be a member of X-Factor after their suspension had been lifted.