Former Aliases: Fenna Drakon

Age: 19

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 140 lbs.

Hair: Dark brown(dyed yellow and green bangs)

Eyes: Bluish gray

Birthplace: Oregon

Marital Status: Engaged

Distinguishing Features: None

Known Relatives: Edge (brother, deceased)

Group Affiliations: X-Factor (current); X-Men (former); Hellfire Club- Hong Kong Branch (former); Lotus Eye (former, although retains nominal membership)


High level telepath, capable of mostly powerful but unrefined tasks. Possessed pyrokinetic abilities extending to the degree of absorbing and rechanneling existing heat energy, granting her physiology with a resistance to extreme levels of heat. However, just the opposite, a extreme lack of heat, would cause her body to go into shock. Formerly endowed with high level telekinesis, which was overexerted and now exhausted for an indefinite period of time.


Dragon remarks very little on her early life, beyond the fact that she seems to have grown up in Oregon, and believed herself to be an only child. Shortly after her 18th birthday, her powers manifested for the first time while she was at college, leaving her confused and frightened at the sudden intrusion of everyone else’s thoughts into her mind. She kept it a secret for a short time, but the initial spike of psionic energy had been recorded by Cerebro, and Rogue, the leader of the X-Men at that time, contacted her. Shortly after Dragon joined the X-Men, it was discovered that Edge, another recent recruit, was her biological brother. He had been kidnapped at a very early age, and she was too young to remember having a little brother, so her parents chose to avoid mentioning his existence. She also joined the government team, X-Factor, which was headed by Wolverine, splitting her time between the two teams. Several months later, unfortunately, Edge was killed on a mission. Finding this too much to take in all at once, Dragon left her developing relationship with Cryz and disappeared from both the X-Men and X-Factor.

Leaving no clues as to where she was going, she headed to Japan to track down some record of Edge’s adoptive family. Within a few weeks, she had not only found them, but was admitted into the ranks of Lotus Eye, a clan that specialized in gathering rather illicit information and selling it to other groups. As a member of Lotus Eye, she traveled around Japan, China, and eventually Hong Kong, where she learned of the Hong Kong branch of the Hellfire Club, and created the identity of Fenna Drakon in order to infiltrate the Club as a pawn. A few months passed, and Dragon eventually vanished from the Hellfire Club and Lotus Eye scene, returning to America and the teams she’d left behind. Her relationship with Cryz progressed, and they eventually became engaged.

The disappearance of X-Factor’s leader, Hazard, left Dragon in charge, somewhat unwillingly, and began limiting the time she could spend on the X-Men. As that team was in no small level of upheaval after Blaze’s death, changing leaders and members on a day to day basis, Dragon eventually quit the X-Men to devote her time to X-Factor. Cryz was soon able to join her, quitting the X-Men as well to become a member of X-Factor. Changes in the political climate made mutancy even less popular than before, and the government cut off its ties with X-Factor, leaving the team as fugitives from the FBI. Aided by Sinister, Dragon and the rest of the team were genetically altered to change their appearances and power signatures temporarily, and set off to clear their names. A chance meeting with the Hulk in the middle of one of his rages set off an accident with a gas main that left Dragon unable to use her telekinesis.

Shortly after X-Factor was cleared of the criminal charges, the FBI revoked Dragon's status as the team's field leader because of her frequent acts of disobedience. In order for the criminal charges to remain dropped on her, she had to remain on the team under its new leader, Gage.

Getting the opportunity to be examined by Dr. Moira MacTaggert, in hopes that a solution to Dragon's burnt out telekinesis could be found, it was discovered that she was infected by the Legacy Virus by Sinister.

In a strange plot by a woman named Sapphire, Dragon was coerced into attacking Gage and seemingly go crazy. Dragon soon gained her TK back during a fight with Sapphire, but promptyl lost her telepathy. Dragon became withdrawn as a result.

Sinister soon returned and attacked Dragon with a weapon which advanced her virus, which promptly began consuming her. After it was revealed that Sapphire was the genetic daughter of Cryz and Dragon, Sapphire sacrificed herself and cured Dragon through her knowledge of the future. After awakening, she agreed to marry Cryz.