X-Factor Danglers and FAQ

*note: if you read a question on here that doesnít seem to be answered all that well, itís because the answers are usually provided in the charís bio or on a related spot on the web site.

Q: What happened in Hong Kong that prompted the government to relieve Dragon of leadership?

A: Well, that, for the most part has gone largely unanswered. The team does not reference that time at all, indicating that either they donít remember or that it was not very important to them personally. The government relieved Dragon because they believed she used the team for her own purposes, without consideration for their duties to the U.S. Government.


Q: What is Adamís origin?

A: None of that is known. He was part of the Weapon X, but, instead of escaping like his counterpart, Eve, he was still held by Weapon X and was continually brainwashed.


Q: What is Hazardís origin?

A: That is largely a mystery, though Hazard may or may not know. The only part not on his bio (that I can think of) is that he seems to have a daughter and a former girlfriend named Lynn, that doesnít remember him, back in Las Vegas.


Q: What is Dragonís origin?

A: Dragon seems to be the only one who truly knows, and she ainít talkiní. This may be why X-Factor also doesnít talk much of about their Hong Kong exploits, because either 1) They donít wish to upset her; or 2) She has simply erased their memories of the events and placed a different explanation within their subconscious. (The second one is highly speculative though, because it is unlikely she would do that to her own teammates). Itís not actually know if she is from their or only lived their temporarily.


Q: Who leads the Friends of Humanity?

A: The Leader. His or her actual identity is unknown.


Q:  That Alernate Version of Mystique...did she really date Cryz in some future timeline? 

A:  Maybe, maybe not.  She could have been messing with him.  She did know alot about him and and had attacked him thinking something of him being in the past not being right. 


Q: What is Eveís origin?

A: Eve, in a manner befitting most Weapon X candidates, has no recollection of her past. This has been touched upon when she was recaptured by WX, but not much was revealed. She evidently remembers Doctor, showing that she has recollection of time after she was experimented upon. She also seemed to have a vague recollection of Adam, but not to any great extent. She also does not seem to recall why she was left behind at the Weapon X base where X-Factor first found her.  But she's dead now. 


Q: Since when has the Weapon X project been privately funded?

A: For a long time, it appears. Early in (X-World) X-Factor history, they encountered a version of Weapon X, but it operated within the U.S. This means that the Canadian government, who has disavowed any knowledge of them, no longer funded WX. When it first began, it is believed that it was part of the race to create Super-soldiers. Whereas the U.S. had Captain America, Canada had Weapon X. The latter, though, used methods that violated basic human rights laws, and was thus very secretive. The new purpose of Weapon X has yet to be revealed either, since they lack a government to which produce super-soldiers for.   Recently, Gyrich has been revealed to be part of the Weapon X Program hierarchy, although it seems to a be a farely new venture for him.  It was also revelaed that it was his plan to bring them together with the Friends of Humanity.  


Q: Why did FoH and WX come together?

A: Well, it seems that they hoped have some symbiotic relationship. Weapon X needed mutants for experimenting on and FoH wouldnít have any qualms with this. The FoH would then probably be able to use these brainwashed mutants to wipe out their own kind. Henry Peter Gyrich brought them together, being a recent part of the Weapon X hierarchy.  


Q: Why did the FoH want the president dead?

A: Presidents are always an issue in X-World in that nobody known anything about them and everyone refuses to name them and/or give them a political stance (because that could ruin somebody elseís plot). So, of the several reasons why they would want him dead, the two main ones would be: 1) Because the president has a pro-mutant rights stance; or 2) In order to further the bad reputation of mutants by having one kill him. The irony is that X-Factor became celebrities for saving the president.


Q: Why did Mr. Smith force X-Factor to go on all those fake missions?

A: He was training them without their knowledge in order to prepare them to face the FoH/WX people. If they had been known of their reason for training, then it might be leaked to somebody in FoH, who would try to attack the team, and it would also alert the FoH to Smithís wifeís subterfuge. (Itís a hokey explanation, I know)


Q: On Rhythmís bio, his parents were killed in a boating accident that left him unscathed. Whatís up with that?

A:  Aparently, though not thuroughly explained, Rhythm's parent's were killed by his friend Jared, who was actually a USSR cyborg bent on destroying all known Super-soldiers.  His parent's were AWOL super-soldiers for the cuban government, which would cause their demise at the hands of Jared.  It is yet uknown why Rhythm was not hurt. 


Q: Both Arsenalís and Phaseís parents were killed/lost while on missions to the USSR. Is this related?

A:  Yes.  Arsenal's parents were British Super-soldier's who were killed by Jared (see above).  Phase's parent's, though not super-soldiers, were sent to find Arsenal's parents and were also killed. 


Q:  Wait, wait, wait...so there were two mutants on the team who have former Super-Soldier parents? 

A: Yup...weird huh?  If thats not enough to boggle your mind, just take into consideration that Eve is a Weapon X Project, the Canadian super-soldier program.  Also, you should conisder Gyrich...although not even a super-powered human, he has ties to the Weapon X Program. 


Q: Why is it that every good-guy mutant that X-Factor runs into ends up joining the team?

A: That is mostly due to the fact that the leader of X-Factor has a hard time making up ideas for introducing new team members, and thereís a continuous join/quit "circle of life" that the roster goes through, it seems. Itís better not to think about. So donít.


Q: Whatís up with the whole Click thing? Does he have his memories now, or doesnít he? Is he an alien, or a member of the Phalanx created on Earth that somehow got separated? And if soÖhow did he get separated and why doesnít carry the memories of ALL the Phalanx?

A: All good questions. Click is a former member of the government created Phalanx villains. He seems to have partial memory recovery thanks to Douglock. That strange thing about that is that Phalanx shouldnít lose their memories once assimilated. So, this points to some odd occurrence, before they were defeated by the X-Men, that led to his separation and memory loss. It is speculated that his telepathy might have had something to do with it, though.


Q: Can you please explain the whole Sapphire/Sinister/Dragon storyline to me?

A:  Well, the short and long of it is as such:  Dragon and Cryz had a genetic daughter created by Sinister.  She was aged to maturity becuase Sinister wished to use her psionic powers to read the mind of a young boy named Lucas who had the power to see the future and the past.  She did, but the effect of the boy's mind drove her to have delusions of graduer and she escaped with the boy.   Also, a while back, Dragon became infected with the Legacy Virus thanks to Sinister.   All of this culminated when Sapphire (the genetic daughter), began tampering with X-Factor to spite Sinister.  She drove Dragon to the brink of insanty using her extensive psionic powers, which caused Dragon to attack Gage.  Dragon was put under lock and key for a stint becuase of this.  (Also, though not extremely important, the attack hospitalized Gage, was kidnapped, and later returned to the team) Thusly, when X-Factor left for a mission, Sinister showed up to take Dragon with him to study the effect the virus had had on her.  Sapphire showed up to stop him.  Dragon was out of her league, but luckily, X-Factor showed up and made both of the villians teleport away. 

Dragon was cleared of charges and reinstated.  X-Factor then tracked Sapphire to Las Vegas and aprehended her.  Unfortunately, her aprehension came at the cost of Lucas' life, when Sapphire knocked him off of a building rooftop.  The psi-bond between her and Lucas' was severed and sent her into a comatose state.  She awoke and, without the effect of Lucas' mind to cause her to have delusions of granduer, realized how eveil she had been acting.  She confessed to being Dragon and Cryz's genetic daughter, helped X-Factor fight off Sinister (who zapped Dragon, causing her virus to go out of control), and cured Dragon of the Legacy Virus at the cost of her own life.  *shwew* 


Q: Just why is Sinister so interested in X-Factor (especially with itís ever changing roster)?

A: Good question. While we canít really know for sure, it probably has something to do with only a few members. He seems very interested in Cryz and Dragon for some reason. He cloned Cryz, gave Dragon the Legacy Virus, and used both of their genetic samples to create Sapphire. In recent years, the mutant population has boom (just look at the X-World Char. Page). He may being trying to look into new ways of defeating his dark lord, Apocalypse. He certainly seems to think the Legacy Virus may hold the key due to its unusual nature and the fact that it comes from the future. The future itself holds potential for Sinister, which is why he created Sapphire. He had acquired a young boy named Lucas whoís mind was in a state of temporal flux, which allowed him to see the past, present, and future simultaneously. Sapphire, and her great telepathic/telekinetic/teleportatnional powers would have allowed her to see all of this, and with a enough study, even use his mind to send her consciousness through to another time. Sinister, though, lost control of Sapphire who kidnapped Lucas, and yadda yadda yadda. The point is, Sinister may be looking into the future of mutancy to further his plans for the world.


Q:  What was the deal with Wraith? 

A: Wraith was a spy placed on X-Factor by Gyrich.  Though, Gyrich didn't know it, he was working for Jared.  When Gyrich found this out, he had Wraith killed.  End of story for him....but not for Gyrich.  This pissed Jared off and he had Gyrich captured, not only for killing Wraith, bur for being a member of Weapon X.   


Q: What's Jared's problem again? 

A: He is apparently a left-over contingent of the USSR with orders to kill forign super-soldiers.  Thus he attacked Weapon X people, Arsenal's parents, Rhythm's parents, and etc...He pretended to be a friend of Rhythm's, which was a ruse to kill off his parents.

     He also had a disliking of Gyrich, probably due to the fact that was in charge of the WX program, a project devoted to making super-soldiers out of mutants,  at the time.


Q:  Should I even bother to try and comprehend the temporal mechanics involved in the time-travelling mission? 

A:  No.


Q:  Can you explain Gyrich and the Super-Human Commision? 

A:  Gyrich was the head of the Super-Human Commision, a government office charged with the oversight of various super-teams, such as the Avengers and X-Factor.  Gyrich is  notorius for his disdain of super-humans, including mutants.  It appears he used his resources at the SHC to fund a branch of the Weapon X program.  Believing that their techniques could prove useful in controlling mutants, he brought in the Friends of Humanity to start a way of controlling mutants, believing WX did not have the resources to operate on a national scale. 

     Also, he seems to have had a hand in the creation and/or control of the team of teenage mutants created by the government, Squadron M.  Though his involvement  seems minimal in this case,  it is believed that he was partly responsible for a member of Squadron M to be sent back in time to try and stop the assasination of Graydon Creed, a former ant-mutant presidential candidate, though he failed. 

   As it is now, Gyrich has disappeared in Eastern Europe after his involement in WX/FOH alliance came to light.  Also, the SHC has been shut down by the destruction of their office.  It is likely that government oversight of teams like the Avengers will fall with the defense department or some related governement office. 


Q:  So, now that X-Factor is not longer associated with the government (except for unofficially with the CIA) and eeryone thinks they're dead, what happens to Val Cooper, Tyler Smith, etc...

A:  It is most probable that Val Cooper, who was convinced by Smith that X-Factor were the ones responsible for the bombing of the SHC office, would simply return the focus of her work in the Pentagon dealing with mutant affiars. 

Smith died trying to retrieving X-Factor, as his armor overloaded and killed him. 

Dr.Bartlet, the team physician, is an experienced medical practicioner, and wouldn't have any trouble getting another job. 


Q: What if I have a question?

A: You can e-mail me at ClarkKent23@aol.com. Just put "FAQ question" in the subject line.