MISSIONS vol. 2,  1- 49


Mission 1: Gage assumes leadership. Mission to Hulkbuster Base.

Mission 2: Hulkbuster Base part 2. (Log needed)

Mission 3: Myriad plays with cows while X-Factor plays with Hulbuster Droids.

Mission 4: Escape from the Hulkbuster Base. (Log needed)

Mission 5: Thanksgiving. (Log needed)

Mission 6: Traning Day. Sophia goes berserk. (Log needed)

Mission 7: Enter The Sophia-Sentinel.

Mission 8: Sentinels come, kidnapped Eve.

Mission 9: Weapon X Plot reveled (mostly). Adam introduced. Rhythm introduced.

Mission 10: Adam beats up Cryz and Dragon. Haz walks into Ladies Room. Myriad acts mean.

Mission 11: X-Factor saves President. Eve malfuntions..

Mission 12: Moira helps Eve and discovers Dragon has Legacy Virus.

Mission 13: Team stays with X-Men. Hazard fights Mimic and Talon introduced.

Mission 14: Team fights Mimic, who get their asses handed to them.

Mission 15: Team mobbed by reporters, become celebreties.

Mission 16 : Team heads to Virginia, and reinstated. Move into Falls Edge Compound, Wraith and Arsenal introduced.

Mission 17: Of Mice and Mutants storyline begins. Eve electrocuted, wakes up with emotions.

Mission 18: OMAM Part 2, Dragon goes bonkers and Gage kidnapped. Azure introduced.

Mission 19: OMAM Part 3, the team fights...the team. Pitchforks fly. (Log needed)

Mission 20: OMAM Part 4, brawl in the barn continues.

Mission 21: OMAM Part 5, Team goes to Florida to recue Val and Warren. (Log needed)

Mission 22: OMAM Part 6, Sinister arrives to kidnapped Dragon. Sapphire introduced. (Log needed)

Mission 23: OMAM Part 7, Fan mail day. Gage returns. (Log needed)

Mission 24: OMAM Part 8, X-Factor takes down Sapphire in Nevada. Lucas killed. Polaris joins, Phase introduced.

Mission 25: OMAM Part 9, Down time. Eve finds out Gage is actually Azure (his clone). (Log needed)

Mission 26: OMAM Part 10, Sinister arrives, but X-Factor beats him. Dragon and Gage near death.

Mission 27: OMAM Conclusion, Gage and Dragon saved by Sapphire. Azure "dies".

Mission 28: Team mobbed by fans. Seraph introduced.

Mission 29: Team turned into animals. Fight Pyro.

Mission 30: Wedding!

Mission 31:  Team invesigates Gyrich, androids attack.  Eve kidnapped, team suffers from case of deja vu.

Mission 32:  Team uses android parts to find it's home base.  Androids attack Raptor over Russia, plane shot down by MiG.

Mission 33:  Team ends up trapped by Jared after their plane crashes. Jared reveals that he has ties to Rhythm , and plans to kill all Super-Soldiers.

Mission 34:  Eve, Arsenal, Phase, and Rhythm fight Jared.  The others escape. Group meets up, end up trapped in plummetting elevator. 

Mission 35: Eve shuts out Jared from the computer, but the base begin's destroying itself.  Myriad, Seraph, and Click save Captain America. 

Mission 36: Myriad, Seraph, and Click encounter some island natives with Captain America.  X-Factor gets picked up from a train by Shadowcat.

Mission 37: More island fun, and the rest of the team finds out Lucas isn't quite dead. 

Mission 38:  Rescue of the island group. 

Mission 39:  Back in time to ensure the assassination of Graydon Creed.

Mission 40:  Time troubles...

Mission 41: Gage's group escapes from Bastion, Dragon's group talks to Mystique...Eve dies in battle with a Prime Sentinel. 

Mission 42:  Mystique plays mind games, Gage flips out.  Group finds the other time-traveller.

Mission 43:  Team return to the future after Mystique kills Creed.  Team destroy's Lucas' brain.  Everyone gets all contemplative and angsty. 

Mission 44:  Excalibur Crossover...uh...yeah. 

Mission 45:

Mission 46:

Mission 47:

Mission 48:

Mission 49: