Name: Fryt

AKA: /

Group Affiliations: /

Height: 3' 8''

Weight: 65 lbs.

Eyes: Black

Hair: White

Distinguishing Features: /

Known Relatives: /

Powers: It appears that Fryt has limited control of the space and matter.  He doesn't seem able to influence time or astral aspects of reality, though. 

History: Little to nothing is known about Fryt.  He is an imp from an other-worldy dimension who has had contact with some of the more magically inclided minds of our reality.  He has confessed to knowing Doctor Strange and the enigmatic aboriginal Gateway.  He encountered X-Factor at a toy store in New York, spitefully changed them all into animals and sent them to fight Pyro.  When X-Factor won, he returned them to normal.  His reasons were less forthcoming, simply wanting to see "what these mutants are all about".  It is unknown where he may turn up next.