Former Aliases: None

Age: 27

Height: 6'

Weight: 185 lbs.

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Birthplace: Unknown

Marital Status: Single

Distinguishing Features: None

Known Relatives: Jonathan Lidler (adoptive father)l Liana Erricson (mother, deceased)

Group Affiliations: X-Factor(current); FBI(former)


Gage absorbs and stores ionic energy in his body, which grants him Superhuman Class 7 strength and a proportionate resistance to injury. He has the additional ability of focusing ionic energy blasts from his hands.


Gage was born in Las Vegas, the illegitimate child of showgirl and a wealthy businessman. The

businessman was merely a visitor to the City of Lights and left town before Gage’s mother even knew she was pregnant. His mother, Liana Erricson lost her job due to her pregnancy. After Gage was born, she moved into an apartment with a casino owner, Jonathan Lidler, and she began doing drugs. Jonathan treated Gage well and, when he was 11, adopted him after his mother died of an overdose. Lidler was even open-minded after finding out about Gage’s mutant powers. He told Gage to keep them hidden, fearing that his son would be treated poorly. Gage worked for his adopted father for many years as a security guard at the Desert Pearl Casino, secretly honing his powers in the case he might need them.

At 18, Gage went to the FBI Academy. He was posted in Las Vegas, to his joy, an over time he rose through the ranks. During a drug bust he was shot in the shoulder, which activated his mutant powers by accident, and halfway through his shoulder, the bullet was stopped by his super-durability and had to be surgically removed. Gage was shunned by many of his fellow agents, and transferred to New York. There he met a woman, Shannon Fox, whom he became romantically involved with. Unfortunately, she was also a junkie. Many a time Gage tried to clean her up, but she was never able, so he left her, believing she would turn out like his mother. By age 25, Gage was living alone in an apartment in the city.

Then Operation Zero-Tolerance kicked into place. He was taken off his duty and put on hiatus. He took the time to visit his father, but Gage, being a known mutant and government employee was soon targeted. He was tracked down by one Prime-Sentinel, and a battle erupted. The brawl ended up destroying a casino floor. Gage was luckily able to escape through the crowded streets and casinos of Las Vegas.

While driving through Canada, Gage experienced some car trouble and found himself stranded on a highway. As chance would have it, X-Factor was also nearby after being forced to land their jet and walk to the nearest city. Gage figured since he was in a similar transportation situation himself that he would join them on their trip, but was soon caught by Sinister along with the rest of the team. Cosmetic changes were made to him, making his skin green. From then on, he was a member of X-Factor.

After X-Factor had been cleared of being fugitives, the FBI appointed Gage as its new leader, since they demoted Dragon for her past actions as team leader. During an investigation of a plane crash, Gage was attacked by Dragon and hospitalized. While there, he was kidnapped and taken to Sinister, only to be replaced by a clone named Azure, who was an exact copy of Gage except for his blue power signature. Azure’s deception was found out by Eve, and Sinister returned Gage to X-Factor near dead. In an attempt to save his life, his body was switched with that of Azure's.