The Pantheon

Please note that Gods, cosmic embodiments, etc... are to behave in a orderly fashion or else you're getting your bum kicked out of the Pantheon!

Gods shall not fight amongst themselves.


Cryz - Cosmic Entity of Judgement (I object!)

Priss – Cosmic Embodiment of Destruction (please don't piss her off)

Volt – Cosmic Embodiment of Death (don't f*ck with Death, k?)

Gage - Cosmic Embodiment of Annoyance (I made this page...nuff said)

Talon - Cosmic Embodiment of Disease (Volt's minion)

Styx - Cosmic Embodiment of Scotch Tape(tm) (uhhh, yeah)

Celestia/Galaxia/Aurora - Goddess of Magic, Goddess of Kai, Enforcer of the Triad (Thou shalt not abuse thine powers!)

Mike - Cosmic Embodiment of Trek (not a Q!)

Zoisite - Queen of the Mystical Land of Zoicitania...the one mortal capable of defeating the Judgement Entity, Cryz.  ('Nuff said)

Hazard – God being worshipped by the peoples of Zoicitania.  Holder of the Infinity Gauntlet.  (and he like's to run around the channel nekkid)

Eclipse – The Anti-Haz, main force that opposes the godly status of Haz. (IMHO: Blasfemer!)

Calbert - Some guy who bought a throne made of plastic and painted it gold and has delusions of grandeur… (Once again, 'nuff said)

Kinetia – Cosmic Embodiment of Theft (she’s a Kender, heh)

M - God of 133t  (Yeah, I can't read it either)



*Note - This page is purely for the sake of fun, was born out of boredom, and it's not meant to be mean in any way. These characters are used without the permission of their owners, and will be taken off this page at their request.

**Note – Asking to be listed as a god only delays your chances of becoming a god. It’s annoying, heh, and this page is only to be for fun.  If' you feel left out, then msg Gage and ask for godly status and he'll put something together.  Suggestions NOT welcome.