Name: Jared

Group Affiliation: The former USSR

Age: n/a

Height: 6'

Weight: 200

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Distinguishing features: 

Relatives: None

Powers: Jared is a cybernetic human with several abilites to that effect. he can generate electric blasts, has super-strength and durability, enhanced senses, and other powers not yet known of. 

History:  Little is known of the man named Jared before he began work for the former Soviet Union.  After gaining Cybernetic implants and undergoing programming by scientists of the USSR, he became a killing machine.  He was given a base of operations in Siberia in which to operate out of, and there he produced hundreds of androids. 

His main program directive is to rid the world of other country's super-soldiers, such as Captain America, Weapon X, etc... He has committed several murders in order to accomplish such.  It is believed that his first murders were that of the Kanes (Arsenal's parents), who were little known British super-soldiers.  ON a mission inside the USSR, they were capture and killed.  His next murders were of Phase's parent's, whe had been assigned by the American government to find the Kanes.  Jared discovered them and murdered them as well.

For several years afterwards Jared was inactive.  Not leaving his base, perhaps trying to gain informations.  Then he noticed Cuban super-soldiers in Miami, Florida. They were AWOL and thus he had to kill them.  He altered his appearance to that of a teenager, became friends with Adrian Montenegro, the son of the AWOL Cubans, and set-up a boat crash which killed the Montenegros.

He did not appear again until discovering that Adrian Montenegro (Rhythm), Arsenal, and Phase were all working together on X-Factor.  HE also discovered a Weapon X experimentee named Eve there and knew he needed to investigate.  He hired a spy out of Africa named Wraith, who he planted in X-Factor.  Gyrich found out that he was a spy, though, and killed him.  Gyrich, having Weapon X ties himself, was targetted by Jared.  He and Eve were kidnapped and taken to Siberia by Jared's androids, and X-Factor followed.