Name: Fiona Wellington

Former Aliases: None

Age: 19

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Hair: White

Eyes: Pink


Marital Status: Single

Distinguishing Features: Light skin tone

Known Relatives: Evan Wellington (father); Aurora Wellington (mother)

Group Affiliations: X-Factor(current)


Myriad is an empath, capable of sensing and affecting other's emotions.


Fiona has possessed her unique appearance since birth, but still led a happy childhood. She was an avid reader and participated in U.I.L. Her powers manifested when she was fifteen, causing her to have seemingly random moodswings. Over the next few years, she was able to supress her empathy more so she wouldn't be as suspectable to moodswings all the time. One day, she could sense intense fear from multiple people inside of a bank. Realizing that the bank was being robbed, she anonymously phoned the police, who arrived and managed to handle the situation.

That incident inspired Fiona to try and help more people with her powers. Her quest to find the right way to do this got her recruited by Agent Tyler Smith of the F.B.I. He assigned her to serve as a member of X-Factor while simaltaneously observing the team for him.

After Smith's plans were revealed, she was released from her deal, but decided to stay with X-Factor.