Name:Randall Scott Vincent

Former Aliases: None

Age: 26

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 194 lb..

Hair: Jet Black

Eyes: Dark Gray

Birthplace: Seattle, United States

Marital Status: Engaged, Jennifer Walkins, FBI

Distinguishing Features: 2" jagged scar on left cheek, 4" jagged scars on both wrists, pair of wire-rim glasses.

Known Relatives: Thomas Vincent (Father, deceased) Samantha Vincent (Mother, deceased) May Vincent (Sister, 23, FBI Special Agent)

Group Affiliations: None


Phase possesses the ability to temporarily (30 minutes) step out of dimensional synch with objects around him, becoming both invisible and capable of walking through all things except those involving energy fields. Enhanced strength and speed.


Randall was born to his parents, both FBI agents, during the summer of '75 in a military hospital in Montgomery, Alabama. Parents transferred to Seattle to raise children at Vincent family home. Sister born 2 years after the move.

In '80, both parents were killed during a classified mission in Russia. Both children given to grandmother to be raised. Randall became severely withdrawn, secluding himself from everyone except a select few friends. Death of family friend shortly before 18th birthday drove him to attempt suicide. After this, he received counseling, but continued to keep quiet and withdrawn.

Joined Seattle PD shortly after graduating from community college, working there for 4 years. Shortly after joining, learned about ability to step in and out of synch, managing to hide from his partners over the years. 4 years after joining the force, Randall quit to become a Private Investigator. Disappeared 4 years after becoming a P. I., last reported sighting being in the Nevada desert. It was then, in Las Vegas, that he assited X-Factor in taking down Sapphire, and ended up joining the team.