Name: St.John Allerdyce

Group Affiliation: Formerly Brotherhood of Evil Mutants III, Freedom Force, Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants II



Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Distinguishing features: /


Powers: Pyro, as his name suggests, has the mutant ability to control fire. He does not, however, generate flame, so he wears flamethrowers and a fuel pack as part of his costume. He can enlarge or diminish flames, and can even make detailed fire constructs which respond to his will. Pyro can also increase the intensity of his fire to the point where bullets melt before they reach him.


After serving for a time with Mystique`s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, later to become Freedom Force, and also the Toad`s attempt at restructuring the Brotherhood, Pyro contracted the Legacy Virus and was seen as part of the team of other Legacy Virus-infected mutants who were assisting Exodus in capturing the High Evolutionary and his Isotope-E, thought to be a possible cure.

Afterwards, Pyro was shot whilst attempting to rob a bank to pay a scientist who could supposedly take away mutant genes. Taken to Our Mother of Mercy hospital, he was treated by Doctor Cecilia Reyes who was trying to put her life back together after being outed as a mutant, and was encountering some resistance. Cecilia`s forcefield allowed her to operate on Pyro, whose flames were raging out of control. After recovering, Pyro later tricked Cecilia into loosening his straps, whereupon he escaped, costing Cecilia her job.

Pyro was nomadic for a stint, and eventually ended up on Liberty Isle, in an angred state, and set on burning down the Statue of Liberty.  He was stopped by X-Factor, who had been changed into animals by the imp Fryt, and turned over to authorities.