Name: Sapphire

AKA: /

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Height: 5'9

Weight: 135 lbs.

Birthplace: Sinister's Lab, Unknown Location

Known relatives: Cryz (Mark Pendragon, Genetic Father), Dragon (Fenna Drakon-Pendragon, Genetic Mother)

Distinguishing Features: /

Status: Deceased

Powers:  Sapphire appeared to have a range abilities, including telepathy, telekentics, pyrokinetics, teleportation, and others. 

History: Sapphire was created by Sinister using DNA samples taken from Dragon and Cryz while they were in statis after meeting up with him in Canada.  Her original purpose was to use her advnaced psi-abilites to read the mind of a young boy named Lucas, whose mind was in a state of temporal flux.  His plan was to gain insights from the future.  Some sort of disorder (possibly bipolar or psychotic) was triggered upon her exposure.  She lost control and escaped Sinister, taking Lucas with her.  Her plan, it seems, centered around esurping Sinister as "Master of Mutant Genetics".

The situation came to X-Factor's attention after Sapphire began using a small degree of paranoia on X-Factor's pis-sensitive team members, particularly Dragon.  Dragon, who was suffering from a loss of psi-ability due to the Legacy Virus, lost control and an inter-team brawl errupted.  Sinister, who had given Dragon the Legacy Virus, had already started plans to have Gage switched with a clone known as Azure(II).  When Sapphire began interfering with those plans, Sinister moved in to remove Dragon to a secret location.  However, Sapphire arrived and a brawl errupted, both trying to use X-factor as pawns. Sinister and Sapphire both escaped, and left X-factor dumbfounded.

Sapphire would next appear after Sinister replaced Gage with his doppelganger.  Over Las Vegas, Sapphire began a rampage to try and draw Sinister out.  X-factor arrived, however.  Click detected Lucas nearby and he and "Gage" went to investigate.  Sapphire attacked them and unwittingly killed the young boy.  Sapphire suffered a psychic-backlash from the event and went unconscious. 

She awoke in X-Factor's compound, disoriented, but without her psychic link to Lucas' temporal mind, returning to a state of normalcy (psychologically).  She realized her actions were out of hand and wished to make amends.  At the same time, Gage was revealed to be Azure, working for Sinister.  Sinister, upset that Azure had blown his cover, decided to take care of the mess personally.  He teleported to Falls Edge intent on destroying Sapphire, retrieving Azure, and kidnapping Dragon.  Sapphire, though, detected him .  She confessed to Cryz and Dragon that she was created using thier DNA and convinced them she wished to help.  Along with X-Factor, Sapphire beat back Sinister, but not before Gage was critically injured and Dragon's Lecay Virus went out of control. 

Next, Sapphire would help the team as best she could.  She managed top switch Gage's and Azure's bodies, as Gage was too critically injured to survive.  Next, she somehow, perhaps using knowledge of the future, cured Dragon of Legacy Virus.  This though, came at her own life.  She became a being of pure energy, enveloped Dragon, and saved her life, dissappearing forever.