Real name: Josten Callerst

Age: 21

Weight: 155 lbs.

Height: 5’11”

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Red

Birthplace: Unknown

Distinguishing Features: None

Known Relatives:  None


Powers:  Heightened Senses.  Sight – Can see light in a wider spectrum than normal humans, and is able to see the infrared, ultraviolet, and “night-vision” ranges, and also has a limited telescopic/microscopic ability.  Hearing – Has hearing akin to a dog, but can also focus it to hear transmitted radio waves if he is really concentrating and also borders on being able to hear the psionic range of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Taste and smell – akin to animal sense of smell, but is slightly more heightened and refined.  Touch – every hair on his body functions a sensory receptor, and is able to detect movement around him within 25 feet.  The powers work in conjunction with his reflexes which are slightly above normal.  The use of his powers can be unpredictable as environmental changes such as temperature, wind, humidity, ambient noise, etc…can affect the skill to which he is able to use them.


Personality:  Josten is slightly high strung because his ability to “turn off” his power is very, very limited.  He has a sarcastic temperament.


Skills:  Basic fighting techniques (defensive mostly).  His defensive skills are enhanced to his senses and, though not great at attacking, he can defend himself very well.  


History:   Josten grew up in the care of foster parents until he was about 12.  He then ran away and lived on the streets in England for a few years.  It was then that his powers developed.  At first his he couldn’t adjust to the new perceptions he had, and refused to move from hide-away in an abandoned factory for days.  When hunger drove him out, he experienced taste for the first time with his new power and enjoyed it quite a lot.  He found if he focused on the pleasant aspects of his power, it was much easier to deal with. 

            He first used his power for gain becoming a thief at night, using his power to steal money, art, etc at the age of 16.   He was often confronted by thugs and while his power wasn’t offensive, he was able to defend himself quite well.  He learned basic fighting skills this way, yet doesn’t often use them to attack people.  He was never caught by police and, though he was suspected for several burglaries, he was never pinned down as the culprit.  For some reason, he quit the thievery business by age 20, to obtain a job.  He is believed though, to have a vast wealth of stolen money hidden somewhere for safe keeping.