Name: Gideon David Miranda

Former: Aliases: None

Age: 18

Height: 510"

Weight: 103 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Birthplace: Unknown

Marital Status: Single

Distinguishing Features: Wings

Known Relatives: None

Group Affiliations: X-Factor (current), Worthington Industries (former)


Gideon has powerful wings covered with black feathers, which allow him to achieve flight. His hollow bone structure is similar to that of a bird, reducing his weight and making his strong wing muscles able to lift and move him with less effort. He also appears to have some sort of empathy with most types of birds, allowing him to influence their actions. His vocal intonations seem influenced somewhat by his bone structure. This does not seem to have much impact on his normal speaking, however it does give him a rather high, yet angelic, singing voice.


Gideon's early childhood is blurred and remains shrouded in mystery. His earliest memories are from an orphanage run by sisters and priests, located in south-central Indiana. He lived there for several years, never being adopted, and finally being placed into a private Catholic school nearby. He attended the school until the age of 14, when his mutantcy manifested itself in the form of black feathered wings and a slimmer build and more agile muscles. The other students immediately turned on him, as did most of the faculty and staff. Several exorcisms were performed on him in an attempt to rid him of this "evil" that had taken over his body. A young priest, Father O`Dell, who had befriended Gideon prior to all of this helped him escape the school and found him a temporary place to stay.
Father O`Dell arranged for Gideon to live with a fellow priest at a small church, St. Joan of Arc, about three hours away. Gideon lived in the bell tower at night, listening to the wind, watching the birds. During the day he slept in the rectory's back bedroom. During the time he was not sleeping, he stayed in the church basement, reading books or watching videos that the church pastor brought him. He occasionally wandered away from the bell tower, flying around the small town as everyone slept. It was during these times that he learned he could influence the actions of birds near him. He also attracted the attention of a few late night partiers on occasion, which led to some local legends of an angel flying over the town at night.

Gideon lived at the church for approximately three years, until he met someone who offered him a better life. One night while flying around at night, he was met by another person with wings. They talked for a while, and the man convinced Gideon to work for him as an assistant, where he wouldn't be feared by the public. Gideon discussed the matter with the pastor of the church, and ultimately chose to join the winged man.