[ Gage ] *******PROLOGUE********

[ Gage ] <Location> The Pentagon, a briefing room.

[ Gage ] <Scene> Both Agent Smiths sit in with Dr.Valerie Cooper, Henry Gyrich, and several other official looking people.

[ Gage ] <Valerie> Well, let me start off with saying that we are officially suspending X-Factor's team charter until this inquiry is complete.

[ Gage ] Gyrich> More should be done than that! :;fumes in his chair:: X-Factor, as a government sponsored team, has been quite unproductive. We don't know anything about half of the mutants on the team!

[ Gage ] <Mrs.Smith> Please Mr.Gyrich! That is completely unfounded. You're simply-

[ Gage ] <Valerie> Excuse me Mrs. Smith, we won't be suppressing any opinions here today. ::looks at Mr. Smith:: Mr. Smith?

[ Gage ] <Mr. Smith> I agree that we need to rethink the idea of where X-Factor should be going. currently, they are a bunch of mutants we send to fight the bad-guys that we think the Avengers are too good for.

[ Gage ] <Valerie> I agree. It's time for a change

[ Gage ] ******END PROLOGUE******

[ Gage ] ******Sim Start*****

[ Gage ] <Location> Muir Island Research Facility, Scotland

[ Gage ] <SCENE> After arriving at the facility, the team was greeted by Moira, who immediately took Eve into an examining room to begin tests. There are quite a number mutates inhabiting the facility, making it a bit crowded. The team his pretty much free reign of the grounds.

< Eve > ::lays down on an examanation table and stares straight up::

[ Gage ] <Moira> ::examining Eve with some sort of Holographic imaging device:: Lass, what did they do te ye?

< Myriad > ::is in the living room, leaning on the couch, eyes closed::

< Click > ::waanders around, not knowing what to do::

< Eve > ::closes her eyes:: I'm not for certain..

< Eve > Is it my bioarmor or my technopathic powers that are not working, miss?

< Hazard > ::walks down a hall, moving to get past some mutates:: ((Where the hell are we now..? Shipped off to some dinky little island near merry ol' England with a buncha rejects everywhere..)) ::mutters, finally getting through the hall and heading for the nearest exit to the outdoors::

< Myriad > ::deep sigh, trying to tune out everyone's emotions::

< Cryz > ::sits in what he's guessing is the living room:: ((I hate the waiting...))

[ Gage ] Well, I believe it's the armor...but with it so ingrained into yer system, it causing a lot of trouble for your organic parts. And call me, Moira. ::takes a sip of her coffee and focusses on the panel in front of her::


< Dragon > ::standing outside looking at the ocean, quietly::

[ Gage ] ::sitting outside the examining room, nodding off::

< Myriad > ::opens her eyes a bit and looks at him/her:: watch where you're going..

< Eve > ::without a hint of emotion:: Am I dying?

[ Gage ] <Mutate57923> I- I- I- ::worried look, rushes away::

< Myriad > ::rubs her forehead, trying to shake off his worriedness:: ((damn it, i'm not going out into public again after this..))

< Click > ::stops at a doorway and looks inside the room through the open door::

< Hazard > ::rubs his forehead, stepping outside and leaning against the wall by the door, mumbling to himself:: What's worse is some of them are telepaths or something..

[ Gage ] <Moira> Ach, lass! No, yer not dying. I think whoever did this to ye, put some sort of "block" on yer armor so that ye cannea control it.

< Cryz > ::looks around for the remote then stands and goes into the hallway:: ((boooring))

< Eve > ::quietly:: I see.

< Myriad > ::closes her eyes again and tries to concentrate::

< Hazard > <Douglock> ::neck extends around and over to the doorway, facing Click from the inside:: You.. you are Phalanx?!


< Eve > If you don't mind, Moira, I would like to walk around for a while and see the surroundings.

< Dragon > ::mutters and pulls her coat collar up around her neck:: ((Brr..))

< Cryz > ::stumbles then presses against the wall:: Sorry `bout that

< Click > ::blinks at Douglock:: I am not sure what i am exactly

[ Gage ] <Moira> ::unattaches some wires from Eve's armor:: Yer free te go. Once I intepret this "code" I'll let ye know. ::resumes look at a panel::

< Eve > ::nods and changes out of her armor into gown and slippers:: I shall keep the communicator with me in case you are in need of my services.

< Eve > ::walks out of the lab::

< Myriad > ::starts to pace::

[ Gage ] <Mutat11157> ::stares at Cryz, head quirking:: You...::looks at his head:: No scribbles!

< Hazard > ::slides down the wall, sitting on the ground:: Ah.. this is a little better.. ::looks up at the sky, tossing some small rocks around on the ground::

< Hazard > <Douglock> ::blinks back, one eye morphing into some sort of scope that looks him over:: Did you come with X-Factor?

< Cryz > ::looks at Mutate11157:: No... scribbles?

< Eve > ::walks down a hall and looks at the different mutates::

< Click > I did come with X-Factor

[ Gage ] <Mutate11157> ::points to the numbers on his own head:: No scribbles...

[ Gage ] ::doesn't notice Eve walk out, snoring lightly::

< Cryz > ::looks at the mutate:: Where'd you get those?

[ Gage ] <Moira> ::intputs the code into a computer and goes over to the intercom::

< Hazard > ::leans his head back against the wall, looking straight up::

< Eve > ::watches the mutates play with Cryz::

[ Gage ] <Mutate11157> ::shakes his head:: I don't know. Are you like...X...um, Exkabiler?

< Hazard > <Douglock> This is.. interesting. I was Phalanx but now I am Douglock. ::smiles and retracts the scope:: You were Phalanx.. now you are..?


< Myriad > ::stops long enough to kick the couch:: ((it isn't working! it never works well enough...))

< Cryz > Excalibur? I don't know... ::glances over at Eve then back at the Mutate:: I'm here with X-Factor... maybe someday you can be, too.

< Click > I am Click.. or Adam Drek

[ Gage ] <Mutate11157> I...would like that! :;runs away with his friend::

[ Gage ] <Moira> ::taps intercom:: +com+ Dragon, please come to the eaxining room.

< Hazard > <Douglock> Adam Drek.. ::tilts his head:: Human name.. you have memories before being assimilated?

< Dragon > ::glances up:: +com+ I'll be right there... ::heads inside::

< Click > none... i just remember that name somehow...

[ Gage ] ::snores, leaning on the edge of the chair:: Nu...sen...ugh...Eve...bad dog...

< Cryz > ::looks around at all the mutates:: ((I wonder where they all got the marks on their faces...))

< Hazard > <Douglock> ::holds out his hand:: Maybe I can help. A link. Give me your hand.


< Myriad > ::sighs again and sits on the couch::

< Eve > ::watches for a few more seconds and then walks away::

< Click > a link? ::blinks then takes his hand::

< Myriad > ::almost falls over:: what the hell?!?

< Hazard > ::stands up, brushing his hands off and walking away from the center and closer to the water::

< Myriad > it's...quiet..

< Dragon > ::reaches the examining room and looks inside:: Hello?


< Myriad > ::turns to stare at the mutate:: what.. what did you do?!?

[ Gage ] <Moira> Come in, come in! ::waves her in:: I hear ye've been having some problems with yr powers lately?

< Dragon > Problems? Well... ::steps inside::

[ Gage ] Mutate12354> ::confused look at Myriad:: hugn? ::taps his head and smiles at Myriad::

< Cryz > ::looks around for an adult, mutate or otherwise::

< Hazard > <Douglock> Link, to process your Phalanx programming.. We can find answers there. ::grabs his hand, wires sprouting from his arm into Click's:: Relax now..

[ Gage ] <Wolfesbane> ::trots by Cryz::

< Myriad > i can't.. i can't feel anyone anymore..

< Eve > ::to herself:: They're only children..

< Cryz > ::looks at Wolfsbane:: Hello

[ Gage ] <Mutate12354> ::gets up and leaves Myriad alone, all the emotions suddenly flashing back to her::

[ Gage ] <Wolfesbane> Hello. Ye must be from X-Factor? ::stands::

< Myriad > ::almost falls over again, holding her hands to her head:: ((good lord!))

< Click > ::relaxes and waits::

< Dragon > ::looks to Moira curiously:: How much do you know, and how much do I have to explain?

< Hazard > ::looks down at the ocean water from a steep cliffside:: Hunh.. ::takes a couple steps back:: ((Ugh.. hate water..))


< Cryz > Yeah... you don't seem to be like the others... ::looks at the mutates then Wolfsbane::

< Myriad > ((this place is a madhouse...!))

< Click > ::eyes open wide then looks to douglock blinking a few times:: what... what are these memories i have now? I never had them before.

[ Gage ] <Moira> I just know that ye've lost control over some of yer powers...sit down over there. ::taps on a panel, a bunch of instruments zooming in on Dragon:: Just relax.

< Myriad > ::goes out the front door, and begins to run away from the reasearch facilty::

< Eve > ::finds the waiting room area and sits down::

[ Gage ] <Muatate12354> ::follows Myriad:: Where you going, eh?

< Dragon > ::seats herself:: Telekinesis. None of the others seemed affected. I just... lost the tk. Overexertion, I think.

< Myriad > it's too... too many people.. stay away from me..!

< Myriad > ::keeps running::


< Myriad > ::runs faster::

< Cryz > So do you know where they all got the marks on their forehead? ::looks at Wolfsbane::

< Hazard > <Douglock> Processing... ::head twitches:: Error! Error! Aborting link.. ::disconnects from Click and staggers back:: I'm.. I'm sorry.. Errors.. wasn't able to process much more..

< Click > ::lowers his hand slowly:: these memories are my own, are they not?

[ Gage ] <Mutate12354> ::looks at Myriad weird, then grabs her:: They stop, eh? They voices, they stop, eh? Thats me...

< Hazard > <Douglock> ::nods:: Yes.. incoherent.. bad programming.. But yes, the memories are yours..

< Myriad > not voices.. not exactly.. i just.. need to get away.. ::jerks away from him::

[ Gage ] <Wolfsbane> ::shakes her head slightly:: They're mutates. Mutant slaves...

< Cryz > ::frowns:: Mutates? Mutant slaves? Who'd do such a thing? Or.. who'd be able to do such a thing?

< Click > bad programing? ((These memories, more memories then i have,)) {{that i know of}} ((myself))

[ Gage ] <Moira> ::finishes scanning Dragon as a machine takes a blood sample:: The results will be available in a bit. You may go...::returns to a panel:: And send Eve in, please.

[ Gage ] <Wolfsbane> I'd like te know the same thing. ::grim look:: Well, I'd best be off. ::leans down and trots away::

< Hazard > <Douglock> That! ::points at him:: Programming.. scrambled.. damage with telepathy ::shakes his head, trying to clear his thoughts from the link::

< Click > damage with telepathy?

< Dragon > ::nods:: {{Eve? Moira's asked you to return to the examining room}} ::leaves::

< Eve > ::stands up in the waiting room:: ((Yes, Miss.)) ::walks into the examining room::

[ Gage ] ::snores, still::

< Cryz > ::watches Wolfsbane leave then frowns and starts walking again::

[ Gage ] <Moira> There ye are...well, I've managed to decode the "Blocking code" on yer armor. ::hands Eve a wire connected to a computer:: attach this to yerself...

< Hazard > <Douglock> Yes.. Phalanx assimilated you.. telepathic powers caused errors.. I think.. Not sure..

< Eve > ::blinks and just places her hand against the computer:: Perhaps I can just use my technopath abilities to do whatever you need me to do, Moira.

< Dragon > ::wanders down a hall, not really watching where she's going::

< Click > I know not of telepathic powers. ((Is he saying i can speak)) {{telepathically?}}

< Myriad > ::starts to back away::

[ Gage ] <Moira> Nea, all we need to do is reverse the code, and yer powers should reassert control of yer armor.

< Hazard > <Douglock> Yes, telepathically. You.. do not know?

< Click > I do not know of this, no

< Eve > Very well. ::closes her eyes and tries to use her powers to reverse the code for her armor::


< Hazard > <Douglock> Well.. now you do, I guess.. You have telepathic powers.. disrupted ones..

< Eve > ::opens her eyes:: All finished, Moira. Thank you.

< Click > i should seek teaching in my telepathic powers then, should i not?

[ Gage ] <Moira> Yer welcome. ::smiles and returns to her work::

< Cryz > ::heads in the general direction he guesses is Moira's office::

[ Gage ] ::wakes up:: Uh?

< Hazard > <Douglock> That is up to you.. I think it would be a good idea

[ Gage ] ::looks around, rubbing his eyes, realizes he is holding the file in his hands:: Oh boy...Yeesh. Better round up the troops.

[ Gage ] *********TIME JUMP*******



[ Gage ] ::opens the file and paces around the table::

< Eve > ::plays around with her armor a bit but keeps paying attention::

< Myriad > ::sitting at the table, looking slightly freaked out still::

< Cryz > ::leans back in a chair, eyeing Gage:: Stop pacing like a caged beast... we're not gonna kill you then have you for dinner.

< Click > ::half pays attention while he still sorts through his memories::

[ Gage ] ::looks up at Cryz:: Eh? Oh, yeah. heh. ::looks back down at the file, and paces::

< Dragon > ::legs crossed, watches Gage pace::

< Hazard > ::sits in a chair, his head tilted to the side and being propped up by his hand:: When can we go someplace less... crowded?

< Myriad > yeah.. leaving would be nice..

[ Gage ] ::without looking up:: Okay, heres what we got....according to this file...X-Factor's Charter has been suspended.

< Cryz > ::sighs and shakes his head slightly:: Care to share with us what's in the folder, eventually?

< Cryz > <<n/m that, then>>

< Eve > What does that mean, Sir?

< Dragon > ::raises one eyebrow::

[ Gage ] ::look at Eve:: It means that the team is on hiatus while the government people decided what to do with the prgram. Apparently, the incident with the president brought some attention our way...

< Myriad > ::blinks::

[ Gage ] ::reads from the file:: We will all continue to be on government salary, as compensiation, and...::looks up at the team::...our criminal records have been wiped.

< Hazard > Hey, don't feel bad about that.. heh.. at least you didn't turn us into fugitives.. be proud.. ::closes his head, hand still on his head::

< Hazard > <<err.. eyes not head>>

< Cryz > ::snickers:: So you're just going to give up, then? Not every group of people are sponsored by the Government... heeey... ::scratches his chin:: Criminal records wiped?

< Myriad > ((at least i'm still getting paid..))

< Dragon > ::slight glare at Hazard::

[ Gage ] No, they are reconsidering the program...and until we have a final desicion, we are on hiatus, but might be called back at any time.

< Hazard > ::leans his head back against the chair and opens his eyes:: So what do we do until then?

[ Gage ] ::closes the file:: Thats it. Smith says he'll be in contact, and that we should call him if we need anything.

< Cryz > So we're free of being Government Lackies for the time being? Now we can actually do something worthwhile.

< Myriad > like what?

[ Gage ] ::looks at Dragon, Hazard, and Cryz:: I believe you three are familiar with the X-Men?

< Dragon > Yes..

< Hazard > ::narrows his eyes slightly:: What's your point?

< Cryz > Ex-member or something like that, I think I am...

[ Gage ] Well, I've arranged with their current leader to stay at their...um..base, or mansion, or school, or whatever for the time being. Until the team gets back on its feet.

< Myriad > ..more people!?!

< Dragon > ::eyebrow raises again in interest:: ((Cool..))

< Cryz > Whoo! Get to go back to the mansion! ::grins:: Been awhile... do we get to use the blackbird, too?

< Hazard > ::groans:: Oh hell no.. You said we still get out salaries right? I want to use mine for a hotel room.

[ Gage ] We leave in a one hour. ::looks at Myriad:: Um, yes. ::looks at the rest of the team:: Dismissed. ::smile::


< Myriad > ((oh god, i bet i'm gonna go crazy from this..))

< Dragon > ((I don't even know the current membership..)) ::stands and follows Moira out::

< Cryz > ::stands then walks over to Gage, pausing to look at Moira and Drags::

[ Gage ] <Moira> ::walks to a side-hallway:: Uh, lass...

< Hazard > ::slides down in his chair a little, hands still on his face:: ((Crap.. I'd rather stay in this British hellhole than go back there..))

< Click > ::gets up slowly:: ((I somehow feel like)) {{sailing. I was a}} ((good sailor))

< Eve > I shall pack my things again. ::nods and heads for her quarters::

< Dragon > ::glances back towards the briefing room for a moment:: ((...)) ::blinks:: Uh, right. What? ::looks back at Moira::

[ Gage ] <Moira> I dinnea know how te say this, but...::wipes her forehead::..from what I can tell...you've got the the Legacy Virus.

[ Gage ] *************END SIM*************