[ Gage ] ****PROLOGUE******

[ Gage ] <Location> WASHINGTON D.C.


[ Gage ] <Warren> I'm glad you agreed to see me Val.

[ Gage ] <Val> it's no trouble, Arch-..um, Ange-Warren. :;embarrassed smile::

[ Gage ] <Warren> :;smiles:: Don't worry. I don't know if you've heard, but I've recently left the X-Men. I'm going to head back to my family home, but I don't want to stop contributing to The Cause.

*** Dravin is now known as Bloodshadow

[ Gage ] <Val> So, I assume you've heard about X-Factor.

[ Gage ] <Warren> You could say that. The problem with X-Factor, at least when I was on the team, was that we hid our abilities and were never that proactive in missions.

[ Gage ] <Val> ::Nods:: I know what you mean. So, why exactly did you come here today, surely not just to be a commentator on former teams you were onThe X-Men, the Champions, X-Factor, etc

[ Gage ] <Warren> ::chuckles slightly:: No, of course not. I came here because I still want to help the Dream.

[ Gage ] ******END PROLOGUE*****

[ Gage ] ******SIM START******



< Eve > Polaris> ::stands outside:: Not exactly the same X-Factor I remember...

< Myriad > ::holding a suitcase, looking at the x-men with a paranoid expression::

< Bloodshadow > ::: looks at the people from X-men and reeamins quiet, eyeing each one up :::

< Click > ::steps out of the jet and looks around curiously::

[ Gage ] <<ack, sorry. We "dropped Hazard if in down town NYC. After his whining, we decided he didn't have to come to the mansion>>

< Eve > ::just stares at the mansion::

< Dragon > ::quiet, doesn't really look up from the ground after exiting the jet::

< Myriad > <<lol>>

< Voltage > ::Watches X-Factor, a slight scowl on his face, as he keeps his arms crossed, not saying anything::

< Hazard > <<I don't whine! ...I pout and grumble!>>

< Eve > This is our home now?

*** Hazard is now known as Beast

*** Beast is now known as Beast`

[ Gage ] ::looks at Eve:: Just for a bit, until we can get a place.

< Eve > ::quietly:: I understand.

< Click > Cal> ::has his arms crossed, watching X-Factor carefully::

< Dragon > <<was everyone on x-factor told that drags has legacy, or was the choice left up to her? heh>>

[ Gage ] <<her>>

< Bloodshadow > ::: Looks to Gage :: theres lots of reistate for sale in ireland?

< Bloodshadow > <<Relistate>>

[ Gage ] ::looks at Bs:: Um, as a US team, I think leaving the country would be...retroactive.

< Beast` > ::looks at the other X-Men and decides to be the one that greets them:: Greetings and salutations. ::smiles warmly:: You can refer to me as Dr. McCoy, Hank, Beast, or that handsome man with the fur.

< Myriad > ::fidgets::

< Eve > ::nods:: Doctor.

< Bloodshadow > ::: shrugs ::

< Eve > Polaris> Hello there, I'm Lorna Dane... just try to feel as much at home as possible ::smiles::

< Click > Greetings Dr. McCoy

[ Gage ] ::walks up to the X-men:: Uh...hi. We're X-Factor. I'm Abe Erricson, but you can call me Gage.

< Dragon > ((...i wonder if anyone i knew is still around..)) ::absently glances up at the x-men::

*** Voltage` (FourMcs@pool- has joined channel #X-Factor

*** Mode change [+o Voltage`] on channel #X-Factor by Gage

< Cryz > ::glances at Drags:: ((You alright? You're not happy to be back at the mansion?)) ::looks around:: It feels to be back..

< Click > ::looks to Polaris:: Hello Mrs. Dane

[ Gage ] I hope...::thinks::..Bishop told yout about our coming.

< Dragon > {{...i'm fine..}} ::shoulders her bag and forces a smile::

< Eve > Polaris> Cheerful bunch of people I see

< Myriad > ::quietly:: can we go to our rooms now..?

< Eve > Polaris> Voltage must be contagious

< Banshee > :: chuckles a bit at Beast :: Never miss th' oppertunity ta ham it up a bit, 'ey Hank? :: Walks up behind Beat, looking a little greasy, carring a ratchet :: Sean Cassidy...

< Eve > ::quietly:: You were considered outlaws as members of the X-Men, were you not?

< Beast` > ::nods to Gage:: We've had accomodations prepared for yourself and your fellow X-Factor-ites. If any of you would like, I can present you with a tour of our humble... mansion. I only request that there is not flash photography unless I am in the picture. ::smiles::

[ Gage ] ::looks at Eve, then Myriad, dissaproving look:: ((You'd think we could a little gracious)) ::looks at Hank:: I- We really appreciate you letting us stay here. We've had a rough time recently.

< Click > Cal> ::stays quiet, not greeting anyone::

< Click > Hello Mr. Cassidy

< Dragon > ::forced cheerful tone, steps forward:: So, I don't suppose my old room's still free?

[ Gage ] ::chuckles at Beast:: I can handle that. ::goes and picks up his bag, and waits to be shown to his room::

< Bloodshadow > ::: Looks up to Banshee :: Cassidy? got any kin in ireland?

< Eve > Polaris> ((This is starting to feel a bit ackward))

< Myriad > ::gives gage a look that clearly says 'deal with it'::

< Eve > I would like to explore the grounds if you would permit it, Gage. ::glances at Gage::

[ Gage ] ::looks at Eve:: Um...::looks at Hank:: do you mind?

< Bloodshadow > i had a Tomas Cassidy in my Cell ...... was a wiz with Explosives .....

< Voltage` > I'm not contagious, actually..::Glances at Polaris, briefly, not saying much else::

< Cryz > ::carries his duffel bag:: So which section're we staying in?

< Bloodshadow > ::: Looks down : But thoses friking English storm troopers gunned him down at home

< Banshee > :: eyes narrow as he looks at BS :: ..........

*** Signoff: Voltage (FourMcs@pool- has left IRC [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]

< Voltage` > ::Hovers slightly:: If we're finished, I'd like to go back to my research..

< Beast` > Of course not, you are all free to explore our home. I will take show you to your rooms first, unless you would liek to stay in the hangar a bit longer. ::smirks, turning and heading out of the hangar::

< Eve > ::blinks:: Thomas Cassidy aka Black Tom Cassidy... well known mutant terrorist who teamed up with Cain Marko aka Juggernaut on some occasions.

< Click > Cal> ::looks at X-Factor:: ((I dont think i trust these people))

< Eve > ::looks at Banshee:: You are a relative of his, correct?

< Bloodshadow > No this bloke was no mutant .... just a regula folk

< Dragon > ((damn... place doesn't feel right without the old gang... Blaze and Skylark and the rest..)) ::follows Beast::

< Banshee > Aye... M'Cousin never really had a need for explosives...

< Myriad > ::trails behind them::

[ Gage ] ::follows Beast:: ((Oh man...Eve, we really gotta talk about this military attitude)) ::smiles nonetheless::

< Beast` > ::gives Voltage a glance:: Of course.. ::exits the hangar, heading down the corridor leading back to the mansion::::

< Click > ::catches up to Dragon:: Dragon, may i ask for a favor?

< Dragon > ::glances to Click:: What?

< Myriad > ((i gotta get out of here.. might be less people.. but they're still too.. 'loud'..))

< Banshee > I donna need th' tour... :: takes the ratchet in both hands :: I'm gonna finish th' tune up on m'jeep

< Voltage` > Good. ::Sends a brief look at the members of X-Factor and moves to fly inside the mansion::

< Eve > Polaris> Umm... I'll help you find those rooms ::smiles::

< Click > I have recently found out i have telepathic abilities, i would like to know if you could teach me to use them

< Click > Cal> ::turns and walks out a different door from X-Factor::

[ Gage ] ::embarrassed look as Volt leaves:: ((Pleasant fellow...and what was he wearing?))

< Beast` > ::looks back at X-Factor after Voltage flies off:: You will have to excuse Zachary.. He has recently had a rather traumatic encounter with Mr. Sinister..

< Bloodshadow > :: Looks to Banshee :::: maybe some time we can get to gether and talk bout home eh? been a while since i been there ... getting quite homesick ...

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[ Gage ] ::stops:: Sinister?

*** Signoff: Dragon (~zainx99@Kenyon106.alfred.edu) has left IRC [kill requested by owner]

< Bloodshadow > just good to see another country man in this god for saken country ...

*** Dragon` is now known as Dragon

< Dragon > <<that was bloody annoying>>

< Eve > <<d'oh brb>>

< Myriad > ::fidgets again, wishing they'd hurry up::

< Bloodshadow > :: catches up with the group :::

< Cryz > ::looks at Beast:: Sinister?

< Dragon > Teach you? ::distracted blink at Click:: ...I guess. Dunno how much use I'll be, though.

< Voltage` > ::Heads into the mansion, flying in the direction of the War Room:: ((Wasn't exactly looking forward to sticking around and wasting my time with niceties, while Sinister's still out there..))

< Beast` > ::nods:: He was quite interested in the unique effect the Legacy Virus was having on his body. ::heads up the mansion stairs:: I fear that Voltage may have inadvertantly inspired a new outlook for Sinister on the virus. Unfortunately, a far more dangerous one.

< Click > well, anything is better then nothing is it not?

< Banshee > ::Slams the hood down on the jeep :: Done :: Goes into the kitchen, looking like he lost a fight with his oil filter and takes a beer out of the fridge ::

< Cryz > Interesting... we've had a somewhat recent run in with Sinister, ourselves

< Dragon > ::looks at Beast, hearing 'legacy':: ((..))

< Beast` > ::reaches the stop of the stairs and motions down the hall to the left:: You will find vacant accomodations there. ::smirks:: We have cable. Room service is not currently available, and no skinny dipping in the pool.

< Bloodshadow > :: grins : aww what fun is that ::: snickers :::

[ Gage ] ::shiver at the thought Sinister, goes into a vacant room, sets his stuff down and moves back into the hallway:: Legacy Virus? Thats that disease, right? Kills mutants?

< Myriad > ::walks down the hall a bit and goes into a room::

< Dragon > ::half-smirk:: Oh, they've changed the rules?

< Click > ::goes to an empty room::

< Bloodshadow > ::: walks into a room and sets his duffle bag down next to a desk :::

< Dragon > ..::ducks into the vacant room that used to be hers and tosses her bag down::

< Myriad > ::throws her suitcase on the bed and goes back into the hall::

< Beast` > ::nods:: Believe me, it is far more complex than that.

< Voltage` > ::Enters the War Room, moving back to a computer station:: Resume search. ::Sits down, watching the data scroll across the screen::

< Myriad > ::quietly walks over to beast:: where's the closest exit?

*** Rhythm (endeavor2@ip130.miami41.fl.pub-ip.psi.net) has joined channel #X-Factor

< Cryz > ::looks into a room that's empty then tosses his bag into it:: ((They probably have somebody in my old room right now, anyways))

< Bloodshadow > ::: sits down at the desk and fidgts inside his duffle bag and pulls out a black case :::

< Click > Calihan> ::stands in the kitchen, making some bacon and eggs:: ((Still dont like this idea of a govrenment team in our mansion))

< Click > ::walks out of the room, after putting his suitcase with the few items he owns in it and walks towards the stairway::

< Beast` > If you'll excuse me.. ::moves over to the room Dragon entered, knocking his hand on the open door::

< Dragon > ::turns from where she was staring out the window:: ...yeah?

< Myriad > ::shrugs and looks around a bit before going back down the stairs::

< Banshee > :: sips his beer as he watches Cal :: Ye know, If ye turn th' flame down they cook much more evenly.

< Bloodshadow > ::: opens up the black case and then pulls out his hand guns setting them on a cloth he laid out on the desk ::::

< Voltage` > ::Taps his fingers on the console, as he watches:: ((Almost nothing relevant..he seems almost to be lying low, now..))

< Click > Cal> Yes, but i like them this way ::grabs a plate::

*** Reny (reny@cc807425-a.union1.nj.home.com) has joined channel #x-factor

< Bloodshadow > ::: picks up one of the hand guns and unloads it as he then begins to feild strip the Sig 10mm pistol ::::

< Click > Cal> And that is your beer, not mine, right? ::flips the bacon and eggs onto a plate with a created knife::

*** Mode change [+o Reny] on channel #X-Factor by Gage

*** Mode change [+o Rhythm] on channel #X-Factor by Gage

< Myriad > ((maybe i oughta jump out a window..)) ::walks for a bit before finding the living room:: ((bingo..))

*** Reny is now known as Bishop

< Rhythm > <<apologies to all for the lateness, had an emergency meeting at work>>

< Beast` > Should you wish to discuss.. "certain matters" with me.. I am available anytime.. ::opens his mind a little:: ((Moira may have left you with some unasked questions about your case..))

< Voltage` > ::Sits back in the chair, a scowl on his face:: ((You can't hide forever, Sinister..Vengeance WILL be mine..))

< Bloodshadow > :: after he strips the pistol he begins to clean it ::::

< Myriad > ::looks around to make sure no one's there and goes out the front door::

< Banshee > Ye mean ye like them burnt on bottom an' runny on th' top?

< Dragon > ::something between a laugh and a snort:: {{Oh, unasked questions. Heh. That's almost funny.}}

< Click > ::sits down and starts eating his food with the knife:: tastes fine to me, and shouldnt you go have a shower or something, bad impression on the guests ((not that i like them))

< Bloodshadow > ::: begins to unload the clip and once done he oils the spring in the clip and then reloads it ::::

[ Gage ] ::walks into the kitchen, smiles:: Hey there...guys. ::looks around a bit::

< Banshee > << I'll assume that was Cal >>

< Click > ::wanders into the back yard::

< Click > <<yes, sorry, heh>>

< Myriad > ::walks around the mansion and goes into the woods::

< Rhythm > ::stares up at the ceiling after waking up from a nap:: ((...so many changes in my life lately))

< Banshee > Hey, I just lost a fight wit' my oil filter....

< Bishop > ::walks out of the war room and down the hallway, headed towards the kitchen::

< Bloodshadow > ::: reasembles the gun and puts a shell into the chamber and then reholsters it ::::

< Click > Cal> Need to learn to maintain your vehicle better, just look at my bike, its in good condition ::eats a piece of bacon::

< Myriad > ::starts to jog, heading away from the mansion:: ((gotta get far enough away..))

< Bloodshadow > ::: begins the same prossess on the other 10mm ::::

< Banshee > :: Nods to Gage, turns back to Cal :: Would be pointless. I still jave ta rotate th' tires...

< Click > ::sits down in front of the lake/pond/whatever::

< Beast` > Almost? Perhaps I should have thought it while wearing the crimson nose of a clown. ::smirk::

[ Gage ] :;sits silently:: ((Hmmm. They quite the busy bodies...whoa, sounded like grandma on that one))

< Cryz > ::frowns to himself then heads downstairs::

< Click > Cal> ::looks to Gage then back to Banshee:: if ya need any help, i have nothing to do

< Rhythm > ::leaves the room he was in:: ((this place is so huge, where the heck is the restroom??))

[ Gage ] *****INTERLUDE*****

[ Gage ] <Location> NYC. National Bank of NY.


< Talon > ::looks at watch:: ((wish this line would hurry up))

< Beast` > ::arms crossed, rocking back and forth slightly and repeating the same thing in his head:: ((Still better than the mansion.. Still better than the mansion..))

< Beast` > <<oops>>

*** Beast` is now known as Hazard


< Talon > ::looks around the room a bit::

< Hazard > ::mumbles under his breath:: Crap.. ::leans to the side, trying to see past the people and get a view of the front:: ((Probably screwing around with the bank tellers and making it rich..))

[ Gage ] <Mimic> ((Mutants...two of them...not good. Maybe they're not out to society, yet...Maybe they don't even know)) ::fidgets::

< Hazard > ::eyes narrow:: ((Probably the big guy..))

[ Gage ] ::looks around:: ((Might as well scan their minds)) ::scans Talon's mind:: ((Hmm, not much of a threat...an asset really)) ::scan's Hazard's mind:: ((We'll what do we...aaaa))AAAAAAAH! ::spasms and fires an optic blast at the roof::

< Cryz > <<that was Mimic, right?>>

[ Gage ] <<err...yeah...heh>>

*** Signoff: Diamond (me@fctnts11d70.nbnet.nb.ca) has left IRC [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]

< Hazard > AGH! ::grips the top of his head, staggering back and changing into his metal form::

< Talon > ::jumps a bit:: wha...

< Talon > ::looks around frantically::


*** Gage is now known as Mimic

< Hazard > ::looks towards Mimic, running at him:: And of course, you can do crap like that too! Gotta love my luck!

< Talon > ::watches everyone file out of the building::

< Talon > ::turns around watching the metallic man::

[ Mimic ] ::gets up and looks at the two remaining mutants:: What th hell? ::looks at Hazard, thinks, then sends an optic blast as well as an ice blast at him:: Back off Tin Man!


< Talon > *snikt* ::extends talons and runs at mimic::

< Talon > ((im thinkin this is the bad guy))

[ Mimic ] ::looks at Talon and smirks:: Your turn? ::picks Talon up telekinetically and throws him into Hazard::

< Talon > ahh!...::smashes into hazard::

[ Mimic ] ::starts walking towards them:: Excuse me, I'm here to pick up my winnings. ::walks into the vault::

< Talon > ::shakes head a little::

< Hazard > ::mutters, standing up::

< Talon > ::gets back onto feet::

< Talon > you know that guy?

< Hazard > Don't matter. ::runs at Mimic from behind, intent on ramming into his back with his shoulder::

< Talon > ok then....::runs at mimic as well::

[ Mimic ] ::pulling deposit boxes out of the wall and grabbing thevaluables, looks at Hazard:: Not you again. ::gtes rammed, but not before shifting into metal form, like Hazard::

< Talon > ::tries to slash at mimic's face with both talons::

[ Mimic ] ::flies into the back of the vault, rubs his head, and optic blasts Talon away from him:: That might have given me a headache, if not for your friend's healing powers. Heh.

[ Mimic ] <<By flies, I mean, gets rammed into the back of the vault, heh>>

< Talon > oof!...::flies back sliding across the floor::

< Hazard > Ain't no friend of mine. ::rips a tile from the floor and hurls it at Mimic's head::

< Talon > ((maybe if i could get in close...i could do something))

< Talon > ::gets back onto feet::

[ Mimic ] ::stops it with his tk and flings it back:: Go fetch.

[ Mimic ] ****END INTERLUDE******


*** Mimic is now known as Gage

< Dragon > ::weak laugh, brushes her hair back and looks at the window again:: So... any way of guessing how long I've got?

*** Hazard is now known as Beast`

< Eve > ::walks around the dangerroom in a purple tank top and matching shorts:: This is where they train?

< Myriad > ::has been wandering further and further into the woods:: ((still not.. far enough...))

[ Gage ] ::in the rec room, playing a VR game:: Ahhh! oof! Cool!

< Bishop > ::sits in the living room glancing around the room::

< Rhythm > ::walks downstairs after finally finding a restroom::

< Click > ((maybe it would of been better of Douglock)) {{had not of opened my memories}} ((now, i miss my poor)) {{Elayne.. how i miss you}}

< Banshee > :: stands in the Garage with Cal :: Since when have ye been interested in workin' on cars?

< Bloodshadow > :::: is snooping through the mansion, looking for places he probbly shouldnt be ::::

< Myriad > ::stops and sits on a log:: ((at least it isn't so strong now..))

[ Gage ] ::pauses the game:: Elayne? ::looks around, then goes back to playing::

< Beast` > ::closes the door behind him:: Honestly, no. The virus' random natures makes it difficult to predict the rate of its effect on those infected. However, I believe the virus is progressing slowly in your case. The lack of many symptoms is a good sign.

< Click > i dont know, i guess working on my bike wont help when i get that porsche now will it?

< Eve > ::finds the gym and starts to run laps::

< Cryz > ::pauses, walking into the kitchen:: ((...who was that?))

< Voltage` > ::Heads towards the Dangerroom, a deep scowl on his face:: ((Absolutely nothing..hours upon hours of looking and I can't find any sign of where he may be at..think it's time for a break, and another try at my new DR program..))

< Banshee > Really? I thought it was just cause ya wanted ta get outta the house.

< Dragon > ::rubs her head:: ((I wish he'd stop doing that)) I don't know... what should I be asking now? This isn't exactly what I envisioned having to worry about..

< Click > ::walks over and takes the cover off his bike:: i use this to get outta the house

< Click > <<err, thats cal>>

< Bloodshadow > ::: pokes his head into the war room and looks around ::: (whats this place? some sort of command center?)

[ Gage ] ::stops playing the game and heads to the Dangeroom, sees Volt:: Hurm...

< Beast` > I understand. Hmm.. ::scratches his chin:: Gage mentioned X-Factor having a recent involvement with Sinister?

< Rhythm > ::walk into the living room and sees Bishop:: hello

< Banshee > :: Shrug :: I saw th' look on yer face when Gage came into the Kitchen.. Ye didnae look happy..

< Click > Cal> I dont trust them ::covers his bike again::

< Eve > ::stops running laps and goes to the stationary bike::

< Dragon > ::snorts:: Yeah. Some deal, huh... he offered to sortof... aid our staying out of the government's hands. Did he do this to me on purpose, or something?

< Voltage` > ::Sends a brief glance at Gage and moves to enter the DR, stopping as he sees the Gym configuration up and Eve in it:: Oh. Didn't know anyone else was using this..::Turns to leave the DR again:: ((Blast..))

< Eve > ::blinks::

< Bloodshadow > ::: walks closer to a console :: hmmm wonder what this dose ::: Pokes a red button :::

< Beast` > Perhaps.. The loss of your telekinesis occurred after making this agreement with him, correct?

< Cryz > ::goes and rummages around in the fridge, looking around to see if anybody else's in the kitchen:: ...I wish she'd tell me what's wrong... ::grumbles to himself::

[ Gage ] ::walks up to Volt, smiles:: ((Maybe you just got to get to know him)) Hey there. This your train...::watches Volt leave:: ((Maybe you don't have to get to know him))

< Banshee > :: shakes his head :: Some of them used ta be X-Men... In a sense, they still are.

< Bishop > ::nods his head:: Hi

< Myriad > ::holds her head in her hands:: ((i need to be somewhere far away.. like.. antartica.. or the middle of the ocean))

< Click > Cal> Doesnt mean i have ta trust em, so, whats next on the car?

< Dragon > Yeah. I thought it was just from overstraining it... a parking garage sortof.. fell on me. I can't remember much... I passed out ::shrugs and picks a knot out of the cord of the windowblinds::

< Voltage` > ::Looks towards Gage:: Yes..it is. Gym config. is up, if you care to use it..

< Banshee > :: grunts as he struggles with a ratchet :: Well, Rotating the tires usually involves gettin' all the tires off :: Hands Cal a wrench :: Start on th' other side.

< Rhythm > ::to Bishop:: hey, can you point me in the general direction of the kitchen? I'm really hungry

[ Gage ] ::smiles:: Thanks. You gonna join in?

< Beast` > This being a coincidence is unlikely then. Sinister assisted you.. but to your knowledge, what did he acquire in return?

< Bishop > ::points to a hallway:: right down that hallway and it is the first room on your left

< Voltage` > I'd..actually been thinking about using a different session, but..::Frowns, slightly::

< Bloodshadow > ::: walks over to a screen wich is scrolling data :: ((hmmm some one for got to turn this off, maybe i should cancle this ))

< Eve > ::using one of the weight machines::

< Myriad > ::gets up and starts walking::

< Click > Cal> ::goes to the other side and does the job::

< Rhythm > thank you :: heads down the hall and into the kitchen::

[ Gage ] ::uneasy smile:: Well, I'm gonna join Eve. See ya later, hopefully.

< Bishop > ::sits back in the chair and looks over some papers::

< Bloodshadow > :: looks down at the keyboard :: hmmm

< Click > ((why can i just go)) {{sailing}}

< Dragon > We left in something of a hurry. I.. don't know what he got out of it. He offered the protection to begin with.. ((god, I'm an idiot..))

[ Gage ] **********END SIM*********