[ Gage ] ********SIM START*******

[ Gage ] Location> NYC.

[ Gage ] Scene> A few of the us have decided to head into the city for the rest of the afternoon and have found Hazard fighting the Mimic. We have just arrived in a borrowed van to find the fight in the middle of the streets of New York, a crowd has gathered at a distance to watch the brawl.

[ Gage ] <<btw, anyone whose not here is still back at the mansion>>

< Myriad > ::looks out a window and sighs:: ((wish i had gotten really lost..))

< Hazard > ::staggers back against a car, denting into its side:: Ohh.. Next time I go to an ATM! ::reaches back, grabbing the car and hurling it over his head at Mimic::

< Myriad > ::climbs out of the van and mingles with the crowd::

[ Gage ] ::stops the van, behind the crowd of people:: You have got to be kidding! ::hops out of the van and pushes his way through the crowd::

< Myriad > ::gets to where she can see Mimic, and sends him a feeling of guilt over the fighting::

[ Gage ] <<what I mean, is that anyone who is not attending tonights sim is, for continuity's sake, still at the mansion>>

< Click > ::walks through the crowd, clicking each step::

[ Gage ] Mimic> ::hover in the air, just finished bkasting haz with optic blast, looks at Myriad:: What is that? You're trying to make me feel guilty? After what you freaks did to me? Not! ::psi-bolts Myriad, making her loses consciousness briefy::

< Myriad > ::collapses::

[ Gage ] ::makes it through the crowd:: Out of my way, people!


< Myriad > ::slowly gets up:: don't know.. what the hell you're talking about..!

< Hazard > ::hits the sidewalk from the blast, shattering the cement slabs:: Crap! ::rolls to the side by at streetlamp, tearing it out of the ground and uses it to try and bat Mimic out of the sky:: Wait to see what else this freak is gonna do to you!

*** Gage is now known as Mimic

< Click > ::continues pushing through the crowd after mimic::

< Cryz > ::pushes through the crowd until he's in front::

[ Mimic ] ::gets hit with the lamp post and staggers on the ground, gets his bearing and looks around:: So many of you! ::shifts into half metal, half crystal form:: Well done, Calvin. Why thank you, Mr. Rankin. You're welcome. ::smiles, then tk-lifts Click into the air:: You are one weird mutant! ::flings him into Haz::

*** Talon (ssj3goten@ACAA157B.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #x-factor

< Click > ::flies back into Haz::

*** Mode change [+o Talon] on channel #x-factor by Mimic

< Click > <<your going to toss me back at him, arnt ya?>>

< Talon > <<sorry im late>>

< Talon > ::watches for a second::

< Hazard > <<sounds like a plan. heh heh>>

< Myriad > ((just great..))

< Hazard > Agh! ::slams back into a building wall:: Here! ::grabs Click and tries to throw him back at Mimic:: Maybe he can mimic your uselessness!

[ Mimic ] ::looks at Cryz:: Who needs to rob an bank, when I can sell little pieces of you!? ::optic blasts him into the crowd, catches Click:: Hmfp.

< Cryz > ::blinks at Mimic then shifts to crystal, heading towards him::

< Myriad > ::tries to send Mimic a feeling of fear while he's not paying attention::

[ Mimic ] Gage> Tries to ioniclly blast the Mimic, but can't aim well enough as to not hit Click:: Damn! ::starts at the Mimic::

< Talon > ((what the hell is going on here))

< Click > ::holds onto Mimic and tries to do.. something, like knock him to the floor::

< Cryz > ::blinks then gets hit by the blast, knocked back::

< Talon > ::runs at mimic with talons out::

[ Mimic ] ::flies up, drops Click, and looks at Myriad:: You don't learn, do you girl? ::uses his telepathy to amplify eeveryone's scared emotions in the crowd::

< Talon > ::jumps up ata mimic slashing with both talons::

< Talon > <<at*>>

< Hazard > ::walks back onto the street, flipping a manhole cover up and catching it:: I got dibs on profits from the crystal man! ::hurls the cover at the side of Mimic's knee to offbalance him::

< Myriad > ::crosses her arms, coldly:: well, i try.

< Click > ::slowly gets up from the ground::

[ Mimic ] ::gets slightly slashed with Talons talons:: Ag! ::still flying slightly above ground, kicks Talon away::

< Talon > arg! ::hits the ground ant rolls away::

< Talon > <<and*>>

< Myriad > ::tries to calm down the crowd just enough so that they run away, but not kill each other in the process::

< Talon > ::gets back up facing mimic::

[ Mimic ] Now...for you two. ::looks at Haz and Click:: Lets see. ::access Click's telapthy and forces him to scan Haz, creating a psychic-backlash loop between them:: Ha! I'm damn good.

< Click > ahhh ::grabs his head and falls back to the ground, trying to shut Mimic out::

< Myriad > ::starts to shake a bit from the fear of the crowd::

< Talon > ::while mimic is disstracted with click, tries to grab his leg and tires to slam him on the ground::

< Hazard > AGH! ::stagges back, eyes flaring:: Not.. goin' to happen.. ::grabs the ripped out streetlamp, swinging it down like a hammer at Click:: If he's out of this game!

< Click > ::sees Haz and tries to channel himself through the floor, out of the way::

< Cryz > ::gets up then forms his fingers into claws, heading at Mimic::


< Myriad > ((this is bad... this is very bad..))

< Click > ::lands on a desk, breaking it, and staying down::

[ Mimic ] Gage> ::eyes wide, staring at Haz:: Holy shit! Hazard! Fall back now!

< Hazard > Your turn! ::throws the streetlamp at Mimic::

[ Mimic ] ::ducks the street lamp:: Poor boy. ::flings Talon away with his TK::

< Hazard > ::let's that just get Mimic's attention, teleporting himself behind Mimic in the air and swing both fits down at the back of neck and back area::

< Hazard > <<fists..>>

< Talon > err!::flies back::

< Myriad > ::takes a few steps back, and tries to calm down the team::

< Talon > ::backflips onto feet and hands:: ((he is really getting on my nerves))

[ Mimic ] ::gets hit by Hazard:: ARG!! ::eyes flaring:: Bad idea. ::freezes Hazard in a solid block of ice::

[ Mimic ] Gage> ::balsts mimic while he's distracted, sending him into a building wall, not doing much damage to him:: This is out of control...

< Hazard > ((Not done yet!)) ::tries to outstretch his arms and shatter the block of ice::


< Myriad > ::visibly shaking now:: ((we're all gonna die..!))

< Talon > ::runs at mimic and jumps at him and tries to stab him with both talons::

< Myriad > ::looks around for somewhere to hide::

[ Mimic ] Mimic> ::looks around:: You guys need to practice. I'll come back when you're ready. ::starts away::

< Talon > ((damnit...couldnt get inside))

[ Mimic ] ::flies up high, beyond the buildings and into the clouds:: Losers!

< Myriad > ::lays down on the street, curling up in a ball::

< Click > ::stays down inside the office::

< Cryz > ::watches Mimic:: ((I wish Drags would've come instead of wanting to stay at the mansion...))


< Hazard > AH! ::ice chunks fly off him, eyes flare with blue energy as he looks around:: Where is he?!

< Talon > ::looks over to the other mutants:: what is going on here?

< Click > ::gets up slowly:: that is.. interesting..

[ Mimic ] ::breathing heavilty, firing blasts at the Mimic still, looks at Haz:: He's gone. :;walks over to haz:: And what the HELL was that? Click could be dead!

*** Signoff: Voltage (FourMcs@AC93250B.ipt.aol.com) has left IRC [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]

< Cryz > ::points after Mimic:: He went that way... he said we all need "practice"... I think he meant you, too

< Talon > *snikt*::retracts claws::

*** Voltage (FourMcs@ACAA51C6.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #X-Factor

< Talon > i was just tring to make sure he wouldnt hurt these people

< Hazard > ::looks back at Gage:: He's not. I wouldn't be that lucky.

< Myriad > ::still shaking, trying to take deep breaths::

[ Mimic ] Yeah, well...you got some things to learn about being on a team. ::looks at Talon:: Who are you? ::looks around:: ((Myriad!)) Myriad? It's okay! Come on out!

< Talon > ((damnit i didnt get my last paycheck....now what im i gonna do for dinner))

< Hazard > <<yeah well you got some things to learn about changing your nick! heh heh jk>>

[ Mimic ] <<ack. damn it>>

*** Mimic is now known as Gage

< Myriad > ::doesn't reply::

[ Gage ] ::sighs, looks up at the office building:: Click? You okay? +com+ Click?


< Click > +com+ yes.. it seems like i am fine

< Talon > ::looks down at ground mumbling to himself::

< Hazard > Told you, heh.

< Click > +com+ no thanks to Hazard

[ Gage ] Good. Come on down here. We have to get out of here. ::looks at the crowd:: Huh?

< Myriad > ((he's gonna come back.. come back and kill us..))

[ Gage ] <Little Girl> :;runs up to Cryz:: Hey! Hey! You're the guys that saved the president, right? ::holds out a pen and paper:: Can I have your autograph?

< Talon > ::walks over to gage:: you know the guy?

[ Gage ] No, I don't. ::looks around::

< Talon > ::looks over to little girl and quickly focuses his attention back on gage::

< Cryz > Uhh... sure, who do I make it out to? ::reforms his hands to normal then takes the pen and paper carefully::

< Myriad > ::slowly stops shaking::

[ Gage ] <LittleGirl> My name's Anna. Anna Liotti. L...I...O...T...T..I.

< Click > ::reaches out and assimilates part of the wall and travels down it::

[ Gage ] <TeenageBoy> ::taking Polaroids of the team:: WowI wonder why these guys are in New York!

< Talon > ::looks around at the crowb:: you've got fans.....

[ Gage ] <TeenageBoy> ::runs up to Haz:: Hey, man. Picture? Please?

< Talon > <<crowd*>>

[ Gage ] ::sighs:: This is....different.

< Myriad > ::sits up, rubbing the moisture from her eyes::

< Hazard > ::looks down at the kid:: heh, yeah sure..

[ Gage ] <TeenageBoy> ::takes the picture:: This si too cool. ::runs away::

< Cryz > ::writes it down:: "To Anna, It's people like you who are the real heroes. Thanks for your support. Cryz." ((okay, that's a bit lame, but it's sorta cool sounding))

< Click > ::steps out to the street level and walks up to Gage:: i am here

[ Gage ] Good. ::looks for Myriad:: Hello? Myriad?


< Myriad > i-i think i'll be fine..

< Hazard > ::starts walking towards the trashed bank where the fight started::

[ Gage ] ::gets in the van and hollers:: Hey! Lets get going. Now! ::looks at Talon:: You better come with us for now.

< Click > ::gets into the van::

< Talon > ::pulls out paycheck::((maybe i can find another bank before they close))

< Hazard > ::raises an eyebrow:: I'm not going to the mansion.

< Talon > ok....::gets in van with the rest of the mutants::

< Myriad > ::gets to her feet and slowly walks to the van::

< Cryz > ::hands the pen and paper back to the girl:: Here you go

[ Gage ] **********END SIM **************