[Gage] >>>>>>SIM START<<<<<<<



*** Zack is now known as Arsenal

[Gage] ::opens the Helicopter door, steps out and stretches::

<Talon> ::climbs out of the heli::

<Hazard> <<hmm.. my left hand is numb..will sim in a second.. soon as i canlike.. type easily>>

<Dragon> <<Do we know why we're in Virginia, or is this something I just missed?>>

[Gage] <<Sith sent us a helicopter at the hotel, and it took us here>>

[Gage] <<*Smith>>

<Dragon> ::rouses herself from her seat, edging out of the chopper and stretching once she's away from the blades::


[Gage] ::looks around:: Any idea what that blue bubble-thing was?

<Talon> not a clue

<Dragon> Some kind of shielding? ::rubs the back of her neck and shrugs::

<Cryz> ::gets out of the chopper and stretches:: Anybody know where this is? Or why we're here?

<Hazard> Fancy lightshow.. ::drops out of the chopper and walks away from it::

[Gage] ::looks back at Cryz:: Got me. Smith told me he'd have us brought to him. This must be where he is.

[Gage] Worker> ::waving and shouting over the helicopter blades:: This way!

<Eve> ::follows the rest of the group from the rear::

<Talon> ::follows worker::

[Gage] <Worker> This way! Mr. Smith is waiting downstairs. :;heads down into the facility via a flight of stairs and stops on a large lift::

<Eve> ::winces a bit:: what..?

<Dragon> ::heads toward the worker::

<Cryz> ::raises a brow then follows after the worker::

[Gage] ::yawns slightly and follows::

[Gage] ::gets on the lift, looks at the worker:: What're we doing out here in the mountains?

<Eve> ::quickly catches up with the rest of the group::

<Hazard> ::follows the others, running a hand through his metal hair:: We off suspension so soon or something?

[Gage] <Worker> You'll have to ask them when we get there...::pushes button marked Sub-Level 2::

<Eve> Gage..?

[Gage] ::looks at Eve:: I dunno. Smith must be here.

<Dragon> ::folds her arms, yawning slightly and looking at the floor;:

<Eve> I feel as if my bio-armor may be conflicting with me..

<Eve> is there a lab nearby for me to research it?


<Hazard> ::blinks:: "Sub-level"? Why's it always gotta be underground? I like windows. Air. Why's it always have to be freakin' gophers that design these places?

<Talon> ::looks around as he follows the worker

<Talon> ::

[Gage] :;walks in and stops, somehwat confused:: Uh...hello.

<Click> ::follows at the back of the group::

[Gage] <Smith> Welcome. ::motions for the team to sit::

<Dragon> ::glances between the three, then shrugs and takes a seat::

[Gage] ::looks at the group for a second, then sits::

<Eve> ::looking a bit uncomfortable and stays standing::

[Gage] ((This is getting weird. The girl, I don't know. The other guy looks familiar)) ::waits::

<Hazard> ::takes a seat and glances at Gyrich:: ...nice glasses, heh

[Gage] <Smith> You all know me, I'm sure. This is Valerie Cooper, head of mutant affairs at the Pentagon, and Mr. Henry Peter Gyrich.

*** Mode change [ Talon2] on channel #x-factor by Gage

<Cryz> ::eyes dart around, slightly confused then sits down::

<Click> ::stays standing as well, paying attention::

<Hazard> Lemme guess.. finally decided what to do with us?

<Talon2> ::finds a seat::

[Gage] <Smith> ::unammused with Hazard:: In short...yes.

[Gage] <Val> We hope you like it here. This is a base once used by X-Factor, but hasn't been since the Onslaught incident. It will be your new base.

<Hazard> ::turns his chair slightly and puts his feet up in the empty chair next to him:: Don't suppose it involves a pay raise.

<Eve> ::quietly:: I don't like them Gage... please make them go away..

<Talon2> ((pay raise, that would be nice))

[Gage] ::looks at Haz, as if to tell him to please be quiet, then looks at Eve, whispering:: Are...you okay?

[Gage] <Gyrich> ::sitting quietly::

<Dragon> ::glances around the room surreptitiously:: ((I wonder if they've got it monitored to detect telepathy... don't dare try to get a reading on this Cooper chick or Gyrich if it is monitored..))

<Cryz> ::glances at Haz:: It'd be nice to actually get paid

<Eve> ::slightly scared expression:: I... just don't like them, Gage..

[Gage] <Smith> We thought, in light of your recently publicity, that you'd want to get away from the city as soon as possible.

[Gage] ::tries to give Eve, a calming looking:: It's okay. We'll be fine. I gurantee you.

*** Talon2 is now known as Talon

<Dragon> ::undertone:: Or someone just didn't want a team of muties upstaging the Avengers...

[Gage] <Val> ::looks at Dragon, smiles:: Actually, we thought this through over the past week since the incident with the president, and decided that X-Factor needed a new start. So, we reworked the idea of what your purpose, as a team, was.

<Eve> ::nods once but looks away from Val and Gyrich::

<Hazard> ::puts his elbow on the takle and rests his head in his hand::

[Gage] <Smith> Formerly, it was to be a line of defense against the evil mutants and anti-mutant terrorists who threatened the security of this nation.

[Gage] <Val> And that's what it will still be, but the government has always kept you private. From now on, you'll be public heroes. Hopefully, this will open more people up to the idea that mutants are not evil. That they can do good with their powers.

<Talon> ::looks at hazard:: you comfy there buddy?

<Dragon> Public heroes.... in virginia? ::skeptical look::

[Gage] <Smith> So, you'll be fighting mutant and anti mutant terrorists, but hopefully you can help the public out by fighting those who would try and hurt people, whether they are mutants or not.

<Dragon> ::mumbles:: I suppose if they really wanted to keep us hidden they'd have stuck us in Idaho or something...

[Gage] <Val> I'm sure we would have, Miss...Dragon. You'll be free to talk to the press, but the government will not deny the existence of this team. We will, however, not disclose any personal information about any of you or whether you are even on this team.

<Dragon> ((Sounds like a deal... but I wonder what the catch is gonna be..))

[Gage] <Gyrich> ::speaks up:: But don't think we are just letting go about doing whatever you want. We will have ultimate control. That is why we've hired out two new members on the team.

<Eve> No

<Cryz> Ultimate control...? Hired two members?

[Gage] ::speaks up:: Hired out?

<Hazard> Oh yay, publicity. ((Might as well start wearing big targets from now on.))

<Dragon> Mercs? ::narrows her eyes slightly::

[Gage] <Val> ::shaking her head slightly at Gyrich:: Really, its not as bad as Mr. Gyrich would make it sound. These members are well trained. They are here to help X-factor so it's best. I hope you'll welcome them. ::motions to the door::


<Dragon> ::turns to look::

<Click> ::looks towards the two::

[Gage] ::turns around::

<Arsenal> ::Glances around the room as he walks in:: So, this is the group ye hired me to work with? Ye did nae say it was full of such fine young lasses..::Grins and takes a slight bow:: Nigel Kane, at yer service..or if ye prefer, Arsenal.

<Eve> ::glares at the two men:: They do not belong here, Gage... we shouldn't be here.. this is a bad place..

<Cryz> ::turns to look at the men, eyes narrowing::

<Hazard> ::tilts his head back to look at the two:: Hey, welcome to your new jobs as government stooges.

[Gage] ::turns back to Eve:: ((She's losing it. This isn't like her)) It's okay, Eve. They won't hurt us. We're safe here. ((I think))

<Dragon> ::calculating look:: ((Wonder if I can get ahold of their personnel files...))

[Gage] <Smith> Also, Gage told me that Mr. Isaac has asked to join, to which we have granted his request.

<Wraith> ::looks around nervously and mutters under his breath:: Everyone's got their eyes fixed on me, feel like I should perform for 'em at the very least...

<Arsenal> ::Raises an eyebrow, glancing at Eve:: Well, I certainly agree with ye, that it could use plenty of redecoration..::Smirks:: Which is why I'd much prefer to stay in me own private penthouse..

[Gage] ::sighs:: Weirder...weirder...

[Gage] <Val> We thank you all for your time and before we bore you too much, let me say that you'll have all your belongs sent here.

[Gage] <Smith> Hazard's dog is already waiting outside the compound. If you look on the computers, you may find out everything you need to know about this compound. So, feel free to have a look around and meet your new teammates.

<Dragon> ::looks to Arsenal:: ((Hrm... hopefully he and Bloodshadow aren't on opposite sides of the whole... irish thing))

[Gage] <<Theres info on the this place (Falls edge) at the x-factor website under Technology. www.x-factorsim.itgo.com/tech.htm >>

<Eve> No ::quickly leaves the room and heads back outside::

<Wraith> ::glances over at arsenal:: ((And does he ever shut up? Ever since we got here he's just been going on and on in that stupid accent of his.))

[Gage] <Gyrich> ::startled at Eve's abrupt departure:: You may go look around.

<Dragon> ::glances to Eve, frowning slightly:: ((Well that's not normal for her...))

<Arsenal> ::Glances around at the group:: Well..looks like we're mates, then. ::Grins, then quirks an eyebrow as Eve leaves, quickly:: What's wrong with th' lass?

[Gage] ::looks at Gyrich, sarcastically:: Thanks. ::follows after Eve:: Eve!

<Hazard> heh.. Great, robogirl's wires have gone crossed.. ::stands up and starts to head out of the room::

<Eve> please just leave me alone, Gage... something's wrong with me.. I just have this.. readings... I don't understand them

<Click> ::turns and head out::

<Cryz> ::looks at Drags:: ((Think we'll have to have seperate rooms or not?)) ::leans back in his chair::

<Talon> ::heads out to look around::

<Eve> my suit must be malfunctioning... I can't help shaking..

[Gage] ::stops:: Okay! I'm here...if you need to...((Hope she doesn't hurt herself))

<Dragon> {{Why would we do that?}}

<Hazard> ::enters the elevator, heading up to the ground floor::

<Arsenal> ::Looks at the others:: Real friendly group ye have here..::Raises his eyebrows and shakes his head almost impercitably, before exiting the room:: ((Sheesh..not much of a team now, are they? Suppose that does nae matter much t'me, though..Not like I'll be stickin' around all that often..))

<Eve> ::looks at Gage:: What's wrong with me?

<Wraith> I think we're off to a wonderful start to a beautiful working relationship... ::mutters to himself as everyone disperses::

<Eve> Am I... broken? Why do I have all these ::blinks:: feelings..

<Eve> ::awed:: I was afraid..

<Dragon> ::leans back in her chair slightly, eyes half-closed, and aims a thought to Arsenal and Wraith:: {{Welcome to the team.}}

<Cryz> ::stands:: ((I dunno, maybe it's something the feds'd do...)) ::heads for the door::

<Hazard> ::steps out of the elevator and heads for the nearest exit, calling out for his dog::

[Gage] ::walks up to Eve:: Feelings. Smiles, somewhat. Oh god, your starting to feel emotions. Thats good, i think.

<Arsenal> ::Stiffens slightly, as he walks:: ((Telepath..been a while since I worked with one of ye..Thanks for th' welcome, lass.)) ::Walks through the hallway::

[Gage] err... <<*::smiles, somewhat:: >>

<Eve> If these are emotions... I don't know if I want them.. ::closes her eyes::

[Gage] <Dog> ::jumps onto Haz from behind, barking::

<Eve> I was scared because this place reminds me of the Weapon X place..

<Eve> ::hears the dog barking:: A dog.. I...like dogs..

<Eve> <<err, nm that last line then heh>>

<Eve> it's very pretty out here..

<Hazard> Gah! ::falls forward:: ...hey boy...

<Talon> ::takes elevator to sub-level 1::

<Click> ::stops at a corner and leans against it:: ((is it a good thing for us)) {{to be known?}}

<Wraith> ::looks around confusedly before settling his eyes on dragon:: ((Hmm...)) ::glances at gyrich and co.:: ((Hmm...)) ::leaves, heh, goes somewhere else...maybe his room::

[Gage] ::smiles:: Yeah, it is. You may learn to like it here.

<Dragon> ::slight grimace, reminded of her promise to teach Click how to control his tp:: ((No time like the present to start, I suppose...)

<Eve> I would... like to see if I could find that lab now... please excuse me, Gage

<Eve> ::walks back inside:: I need to fix something.

<Arsenal> ::Moves to head for an elevator:: ((Wonder just what this place looks like..bet they stuck me with these wee quarters I can walk across in five steps..)) ::Smirks, stepping into the elevator::

<Dragon> {{Click?}} ::stands up and heads down the hall::

<Click> ::looks up:: ((yes?))

[Gage] Okay. See ya Eve. Don't get lost. ::smiles and looks outside:: ((Well, aren't I being all team leaderish?)) ::smiles wider::

<Hazard> ::pushes himself back to his feet:: Alright, Grizz.. see you're feeling better now..

[Gage] <Grizz> *bark!* ::licks Haz::

<Hazard> Uuugh.. Quit that

<Dragon> {{Busy?}} ::pauses at an intersection of hallways to sense which direction Click is in::

<Talon> <<back>>

<Dragon> <<hehe, roboslobber>>

<Eve> ::heads towards the 3rd sub-level::

<Click> ((no i am not)) ::still leans against his corner::

<Talon> ::makes his way to the holographic training facilty::

<Dragon> ::approaches Click, finally:: Good, then I'm going to teach you how to shield.

<Talon> ::looks around::

<Arsenal> ..::Hits a random button:: ((Ballacks! They forgot to bloody tell me which is which..))

<Click> ::blinks:: teach me how to sheild? oh yes, not to announce my thoughts?

[Gage] Well, this should be interesting. ::turns away from the windows::

[Gage] >>>>>>>END SIM<<<<<<