<Gage> >>>>>SIM START<<<<<

<Gage> SCENE> It's a fairly short time since we arrived, and we're still adjusting to the new base. Gyrich and the others left a short while ago, Val Cooper on a jet owned by Worthington Industries. Rhythm has also been dropped off at the base after a brief hospital stay in New York after the Mimic fight.

<Eve> ::finds the lab and walks around, grasping her head time to time in a look of pain/confusion::


<Gage> Computer> Welcome to the Medical Bay, would you care for assistance?

<Eve> w-what do you want..?

<Arsenal>::Watches the elevator door open and looks around:: ..I dunnae think this is th' floor..ach..next time I ask for a bloody map..

<Click> ::looks at Dragon:: are you going to teach me here, or would it be easier elsewhere? ::standing in the hall::

<Eve> I need to be repaired... I cannot accept these...these emotions..

<Hazard> ::reaches the top of the stairs leading to level 2, with Grizz following behind him:: Don't suppose you remember which room is supposed to be mine? ::looks back at the dog::

<Eve> I am a liability to the team with them.. I must reset myself to my prior self...please..


<Myriad`> ::is wandering around somewhere, already hopelessly lost::

<Gage> Computer> I do not recognize that diagnosis, and thus may not help. Please restate.

<Dragon> Why don't we find the living room? ::glances around::

<Gage> ::On the main floor, looking out at the mountains, humming quietly to himself::

<Rhythm> ::stands in the middle of the living room, looking around::

<Eve> ::growls:: I can't take it! ::makes a fist and rams it into the nearest computer and starts hacking away at everything around her::

<Hazard> ::walks down the hall, opening a random door and looking inside::

<Wraith> ::in his room, staring at himself in the mirror over the dresser:: Hmm...

<Click> alright then ::looks down the hall:: i think it is down that way. ::points::

<Gage> Grizz> ruf? ::looks confusedly at Haz::

<Arsenal> ::Hits another button, and watches the doors close, before they open again, on the Laundry floor and blinks:: ..Bloody hell! What does it take f'r a guy to find his bloody flat 'round here?

<Myriad`> ::sways on her feet, feeling Eve's anger:: ((gah...)) ::tries to soothe it a bit::

<Gage> Computer? Please desist from your current activity.

<Gage> <<ack. Computer>, that is to say>>

<Rhythm> ((this place is huge))

<Wraith> ::leans in close to the mirror and pulls his eyelids away from his right eye as if he were about to put a contact in::

<Hazard> ::holds the door open to the room so Grizz can see inside:: What do you think?

<Eve> ::focuses on some loose wiring:: ..electricity... enough of it may reboot me... or I may be terminated... I must take the chance. ::closes her eyes and thinks about everybody for a brief second and then reaches for the exposed wires::


<Arsenal> ::Hits another button at random:: Bleedin' machines..!

<Cryz> ::wanders around the base, looking for something to do with a sigh:: ((Why's she being so distant lately?))

<Dragon> ::nods and heads down the hall towards the living room::

<Eve> ::screams loudly and falls over, seemingly unconscious or worse::

<Click> ::follows afterwards::

<Myriad> ::leans against the wall upon feeling Eve's emotions suddenly stop:: what..?


<Wraith> ::rolls his eye around:: Hmm... :: releases his eye and blinks a few times::

<Rhythm> ::moves toward the kitchen:: gotta be somebody here who can tell me where my room is...


<Click> ::looks around quickly:: ((what?))

<Rhythm> ::looks up, startled by the alarms:: whathaheck?!

<Hazard> ::looks up whent he alarm sounds:: Oh give me a break! Have we even been here for 10 minutes?!

<Dragon> ::stops at the noise, looking around:: Oy...

<Myriad> ((something's wrong..)) ::quickly walks down the hallway, in the general direction she last felt Eve's emotions::

<Arsenal> Err..::Glances around at the alarms:: ..Which button is the bloody Med Bay? ::Hits another button at random::

<Hazard> ::leaves the door open and heads back down the stairs:: Hey! What the HELL is going on?!

<Gage> ::looks around for a second:: Oh, Christ. ::tries to remember where the elevator is, and heads to it, tapping his com:: +com+ Meet in the medical bay...where ever that is.

<Wraith> ((What? This better not be a damn paper cut.)) ::makes his way to the elevator::

<Click> they should sign out maps ::looks around::

<Myriad> ::sends a slight sense of panic to everyone::

<Talon> ::looks up::((huh?))

<Dragon> ::to everyone:: {{Does anybody know what happened?}}


<Myriad> ::rushes in:: ..oh god..

<Rhythm> ::heads down the stairs close to the kitchen, following the alarms::

<Gage> ((No)) ::reahces the elevator and gets in::

<Talon> ::heads to the med bay::

<Cryz> ::sighs then looks around, trying to figure out where to go then starts walking::

<Myriad> ::kneels next to Eve:: ((it's Eve.. she, she's unconsious or something..))

<Gage> Computer> ::speaking to Myriad:: Would you care for medical assistance?

<Myriad> uhm, yeah, give her assistance! ::points to Eve::

<Hazard> ((Okay.. all the high tech stuff is underground.. so down is the way.)) ::follows the stairs to the basement, running out of stairs:: Ahh crap! ::looks around::

<Gage> Computer> :;speaking to Arsenal, in the elvator:: The Med. Bay is located on sub-level 3.

<Arsenal> ((I cannae even figure out which button is which..How do ye expect me to know what's going on?!)) ::Frustrated, looks at the computer:: ..Ye could've done that the whole time? ...::Slaps his forehead, then hits the button:: Ballacks..

<Gage> Computer> Please place the subject on the examining table.

<Rhythm> ::trips before reaching the basement on his way down the stairs and falls on his chin::

<Wraith> ::arrives at an elevator and presses the sl3 button having studied the base schematic on the trip here::

<Myriad> put.. her.. on the table..? how am i supposed to do that!?!

<Click> ::clicks the button for the elevator::

<Gage> Computer> Please place the subject on the examing table.

<Dragon> ::to Gage:: {{It's Eve, Myriad says she's unconscious}} ::gets on the elevator and stares more or less blankly at the buttons for a moment::

<Myriad> ::..tries to shake her awake instead::

<Rhythm> gog$#!$#@! ::gets on his knees and the up completely::

<Gage> Computer> Please place the subject on the examing table.

<Gage> ((Gotcha, I'm almost there)) :;exits the elvator::

<Myriad> she's covered in metal! i can't pick her up! you stupid piece of...!

<Rhythm> ::notices the lift next to the stairs in the basement and presses the button to call it::

<Gage> >>>>>INTERLUDE<<<<<


<Gage> SCENE> Eve finds herself (her astral self) on a flat landscape with thousands of floating orbs glittering all around. Eve can sense that she's not alone here.

<Wraith> <<ooh>>

<Eve> ::searches around:: Have I been reset successfully?

<Eve> ::glances at the orbs::

<Gage> <Presence> No, you haven't. *sigh*

<Eve> ::goes into a fighting stance:: reveal yourself

<Gage> <Presence> You are not ready, Eve. ::reaminas unseen:: You know, of all of X-Factor, you are the weakest.

<Gage> <<*remains>>

<Eve> I assumed with my former emotions returning I would be. The team needs a weapon.. a machine..

<Gage> <Presence> Not just that, Eve. You make decisions based upon what you are ordered to do. You're weak. You can't think for yourself.

<Eve> You... you are wrong. I was near perfection as I was... emotions make you weak... you care for others instead of the mission at hand.. I just know that's right..

<Gage> <Presence> ::angrily:: You are weak! Say it!

<Eve> I won't say it.

<Eve> Come out and face me, I shall.. ::blinks:: why am I feeling angry?

<Eve> This was supposed to be gone!

<Gage> <Presence> Should it have been? I can help you deal with these emotions, Eve. Do you want my help?

<Eve> I'm not weak, and I will prove it...::nods:: then help me..

<Gage> <Presence> These orbs...they are You. Everything you don't know or remember. I could open them all for you, but you're not ready.

<Eve> sounds like I'd be cheating... I should be able to figure it out for myself

<Gage> <Presence> Instead, I shall help you along. I'll open some. You will retain your warrior abilities, yet become more than what you thought...

<Eve> ::nods:: Alright

<Gage> <Presence> But don't think this a favor. I'll be back. I'm going to check up on you, child. I have invested interest in this team.

<Eve> who are you?

*** Rhythm sets mode: +o Talon

<Gage> <Presence> Not time for questions. By the way, this may hurt. But don't worry. You won't remember it- or me for that matter. Be well, Eve.


<Eve> may hurt..? ::blinks::

<Eve> ahhh!

<Gage> >>>>>END INTERLUDE<<<<<

<Rhythm> ::finally reaches sub-level3, steps out of the lift, wiping blood off his lips:: ((sure hope it's not a REAL emergency, some help I'd be)) ::steps inside the medical bay:: what's going on?


<Arsenal> ::Crosses his arms:: What happened to th' lass..?

<Myriad> ::standing in a corner, worried and fidgiting::

<Rhythm> ::looks at Arsenal:: ((who tha heck is THAT?!))

<Talon> ::standing in the doorway, looking at eve::

<Dragon> ::arms crossed, watching Eve from where she's leaning against the wall::

<Gage> ::shaking his head:: What a good start to a "new" team.

<Hazard> ::mutters, arms crossed:: This may be a little off topic for right now.. But we could use more than one way to get down here. 'specially with everybody trying to get into the elevator at the SAME time. ::watches Eve:: So what the hell did she do?

<Click> ::stands, waiting for something::


<Cryz> ::looks around, sending an ocassional glance at Drags::

<Rhythm> ::moves closer to Eve:: you okay kiddo?

<Arsenal> ::Sends a brief glance at Hazard:: Bleedin' things were easy to get lost with, too..

<Gage> ::sighs:: I guess she tried to electrocute herself. Why? I don't know. ((I couldn't have been her sudden emotions, could it?))

<Dragon> ::distracted look, turns her head a little::

<Talon> ((cant believe i made down here, thought it would take me forever))

<Rhythm> ::looks at Gage:: Qué le pasó a la chiquita, esta?..I mean, what happened to her?

<Gage> <<btw, there's three elevators in that one shaft...and there's the stairs, heh heh>>

<Hazard> <<I looked! The stairs stop in the basement! heh heh.. where I was trapped!>>

<Myriad> ((i shoulda known something was wrong right away...)) ::frowns to herself::

<Arsenal> ::Scowls:: Pretty lass like that..? Ballacks..That seems like a bit of a stupid thing to do..'Course, I dinnae know her, either..

<Rhythm> <<Haz is right, no stairs from the basement down>>

<Gage> <<well, they're hidden...duh, we can't guests coming down into the war room, can we? =P>>

<Myriad> ((..and why's that guy talking so weird?))

<Dragon> ((Must've imagined it...)) ::looks down::

<Wraith> ::folds his arms over his chest surveying the situation rather grimly:: ((We've got a psychotic cyborg on the team.)) ::glances at arsenal:: ((And I swear I'm going to kill Irish boy before our first official mission...))


<Talon> ::glances over to arsenal::((wonder what country he's from))

<Eve> ::sits up screaming like from a nightmare:: Ahh!!

<Rhythm> anybody here have any medical experience? ::looks around::

<Myriad> ::gives a start::

<Hazard> "a bit"? heh.. wonderful. A suicidal teammate. Hey, I don't suppose any of you happen to be walking timebombs?

<Rhythm> if she was electrocuted we should have her checked out...

<Gage> ::drowning out the others for right now, looks at Eve:: Whoa! Relax! ::moves near her::

<Myriad> E-Eve..?

<Cryz> ::looks from Eve to Drags:: ((You alright, hon?))

<Arsenal> Easy, lass..::Looks towards Rhythm:: Ah..I know simple first aid, but nothing serious..

<Rhythm> ::backs away so Gage can attend to Eve::

<Eve> ::blinks, her green eyes looking a bit more brighter and full of life than before:: why is everybody here..?

<Dragon> ::startled blink at Eve's sudden commotion:: {{..Yeah, fine}} ::psi-probes Eve in a sort of cursory examination for damage::

<Hazard> Cuz we can't find our ways back to where we were. heh..

<Rhythm> ::nods at Arsenal:: well that's better than nothing..

<Gage> We got an alarm saying you had been hurt, so we all came to investigate. I suppose we don't all have to be here...::looks around::

<Cryz> ::frowns and sighs slightly, eyes narrowing partially::

<Eve> ::confused look goes away and a big smile takes it's place:: Gage! ::tacklehugs him:: Why is everybody looking at me like that? ::confused look comes back::

*** Click has quit IRC (Leaving)

<Talon> well then ::shrugs:: im outta here ::walks away::

<Myriad> ::...gets a confused look herself::

<Gage> Huff! ::falls:: Uhh. Heh.

<Rhythm> ::looks back towards Gage:: this Irish guy here says he could help a bit boss-man

<Dragon> ...((Cyborgs aren't supposed to crack.))


<Hazard> ::raises an eyebrow:: Hunh..

<Eve> ::touches her head:: my head feels kinda funny though..

<Myriad> oh.. right.. well... i'll be going now.. ::moves to the door::

<Talon> ::looks around::((now, which way to go....))

<Arsenal> ..::Blinks slowly:: I s'pose I missed something. ::Shrugs slightly:: ((Bloody odd..lass tries to shock herself..then she's all happy..? Looks like I'm nae th' only nut on the team..))

<Wraith> ((You'd think they'd've replaced the psychotic parts of the brain while they were outfitting her...))

<Gage> ::a bit lost:: Are you...okay? I mean. ((her emotions? This strong now? She was ready to kill herself...now shes like a school girl...))

<Rhythm> (( that's odd, I haven't seen her react like THAT before)) ::looks at Eve and Gage::

<Eve> Gage? What's wrong with everybody... ? ::concerned look::

<Myriad> ::gets in the lift and presses a button at random::

<Eve> ::smiles:: I'm good

<Gage> ::looks around:: They're...suprised, thats all. ::smiles::

<Dragon> ::squints slightly, and slips over to a computer terminal:: ((...damn... at least I knew how to use the old system..)) ::types for a bit, running a check on any anomalous energy patterns around/in the base in the last 10 minutes::

<Talon> ::gets in an elevator and presses the level 1 button::((need to get something to eat))

<Eve> ::helps Gage up:: oh I see... surprised ::nods and gives that some more thought::

<Myriad> ::gets off the lift as it stops on sub-level 1, looks around:: whoops..

<Arsenal> According to nearly everyone I've met, lass..far too much..::Smirks:: I s'pose if everything's alright, though..::Looks around:: Does anyone know how t'get to the flats..?

<Hazard> Surprised, yeah. Nice way to describe it. ::looks around:: Who's gonna clean this mess up?


<Eve> wow... it really is messy in here ::looks around the room:: How did that happen?

<Myriad> ::wanders into the lounge, looks around again, eyes wide:: ...food!

<Gage> ::looks at Haz:: We'll do it later. For now, lets just go and relax.

<Talon> ::steps out of the elveator as soon as it stops and heads to the kitchen::

<Rhythm> ::finds a chair to sit on:: ((well at least she looks okay now)) touches his lip ((ouch!))

<Eve> ::nods and looks at Haz:: Yeah... just go and relax ::smiles::

<Rhythm> <<:: ---- ::>>

<Myriad> ::goes to the snack bar part of the lounge and rummages through it::

<Dragon> ::frowns slightly, then leaves the console, looking around for Cryz::

<Arsenal> ::Raises an eyebrow:: ((Somethin' very odd about this..Ach..The detective part of me is far too suspicious..Y'need t'relax, Nigel..)) ::Shakes his head and heads towards the elevator::

<Talon> ::looks over to Myriad:: hey ::looks through the frig::

<Cryz> ::looks over at Drags:: What's up?

<Myriad> <<..i'm not in the kitchen>>

<Gage> ::Sighs in a sort of relief:: You sure you're okay, Eve?

<Hazard> ... Sure. ::walks out of the room:: ((Freakin' whackjob..))

<Talon> <<o i thought thats what ya meant, sorry bout that>>

<Eve> mm-hmm ::smiles at Gage::

<Talon> ::looks again to see nobody there:: hmmm

<Rhythm> ::raises an eyebrow:: you gave us a scare, chica... ::smiling at Eve::

<Dragon> I thought I sensed someone... in her mind, I mean. But.. maybe not

<Myriad> ::notices the entertainment systems and forgets all about the food::

<Eve> chica hehe ::big smile::

<Gage> Well, then...you can go, I guess. No reason to have you stay here. Go...have fun. ::smiles, and looks around, seeing Dragon and Cryz, walks over:: You sensed someone?

<Talon> ::takes out some sandwich stuff and starts makin himself a sandwich::

<Hazard> ::steps into the elevator, heading for the ground floor:: ((Yet another girl on this team that could benefit from a lobotomy now. That makes.. all of 'em.))

<Rhythm> heh, that means girl... Why are you so giddy ::grins::

<Cryz> ::raises a brow:: Somebody in the base?

<Eve> ::looks at Gage:: Aren't you going to have fun too, Gage?

<Myriad> <<.hey!>>

<Dragon> I'm not sure... not in the base, no... ::puzzled look, shakes her head::

<Eve> I know chica means girl hehe, I just like how it sounds

<Hazard> <<hey, what? heh heh>>

<Eve> ::glances at Dragon::

<Talon> ::closes frig and makes his way to the living room with his sandwich::

<Arsenal> ::Looks around the elevator, glancing at Hazard:: I dunnae suppose you know where you're goin'..? I seem t'get lost easily in these types of places..::Smirks::

<Rhythm> ::gets up and walks toward Eve:: ... You're weird ::winks to let her know he's joking::

<Eve> ::giggles and smiles:: I'm weird

<Gage> Computer> ::speaking to those still left in the Med. Bay: Is assistance still needed for the injured or sick?

<Myriad> ::munches on a candybar and listens to loud music:: ..i think i'll just live down here..

<Cryz> Somebody outside the base, then? ::scratches his chin:: Well... she is part machine... so it could be either a telepath or something cyber...

<Eve> ::still by Gage:: huh?

<Talon> ::finds a seat and begins to eat his sandwich::((mmm....))

<Hazard> Ground floor, leprechaun.

<Wraith> ((Might as well check out the hangar facilities. I'll probably be spending most of my time there.)) ::turns towards an elevator and presses the l3 button::

<Gage> ::hears the computer:: No, computer. We have no more sick or injured. Thank you. ((Stupid computer))

<Dragon> I shouldn't have sensed any kind of technopathic interference... It had to be a telepath, or I just imagined it..

<Arsenal> Ah..I s'pose that will just have to do..I dinnae suppose this place happens to have any scotch..?

<Eve> ::not really paying much attention to what is being said, just kinda looks around the room and plays around with different stuff:: wow, look at this thing! And this thing over here... it looks...so...weird!

<Cryz> Hmm... had to have been somebody pretty powerful, then... to get to her down here...

<Rhythm> ::right next to Eve now, looks at Gage, Cryz and Dragon:: ((what's going on, they know something...)) ::looks at Eve:: HEy, you hungry, how's about we find the kitchen ((i get the feeling bossman want to talk with Dragon without having to worry about Eve litsening in))

<Gage> Computer> Scans indicate that sick and injured designates are still in the med. bay.

<Eve> ::blinks and looks at Rhythm:: hmm.... okay ::smiles::

<Myriad> ::tires of listening to music and checks out the gameroom::

<Hazard> Check the kitchen.. wherever that is. ::steps outo f the elevator::

<Wraith> ::steps out into the hangar when the elevator doors open and looks around eyes sparkling like a kid in a candy store::

<Rhythm> ::smiles back:: okay, let's go ::leads her out of the room, looking back at Gage, Cryz and Dragon before losing sight of them::

<Talon> ::flicks on the TV:: lets see whats on

<Eve> hold on... I'm uploading the map to the new base so we can find it faster... ::closes her eyes and then snaps them open:: got it!

<Arsenal> Aye..Thanks..Hazard was it? ::Nods and steps out of the elevator, heading towards where he thinks the kitchen is::

<Gage> ::trying to listen to the conversation, being interrupted by the computer, watches Eve leave:: Okay, now those designates are gone, shut up.

<Gage> Computer> Scans indicate that a sick or injured designate are still in the med. bay.

<Rhythm> Good thing you can do that, i'm still lost in this place...

<Talon> ::stops channel surfing once he reaches the news:: ah whats goin on in the world

<Dragon> ::rubs her forehead:: I don't think I'm going to like this computer very much

<Eve> hehe it's not that hard... c'mon! ::grabs Rhythm's hand and starts running very fast towards the kitchen area::

<Cryz> ::looks around:: somebody's injured in here?

<Gage> ::looks around:: I don't think so.

<Rhythm> ((is that computer talking about me?)) Hey you bucket of bolts, it's just a busted lip, OKAY?! ::screaming while looking up::

<Arsenal> ..::Walks into the kitchen:: Well, I'll be..I actually found something, here..::Heads for the fridge, opening it:: Well well..Guinness..whoever stocked this, has good taste..::Takes the bottle out and proceeds to take out materials to make a sandwich::

<Cryz> hmm... then one of us must have a cold or something or the computer has a glitch

<Eve> ::quickly puts on the breaks:: don't you think it's kind of silly to talk to a bucket of bolts? ::turns around and enters the kitchen::

<Rhythm> Woah kid! ::being pulled by Eve:: slow down...

<Wraith> ::walks across the hangar circling the raptor a few times before his eyes settle on the minijets:: Ooh...

<Dragon> ::sudden start, turns around and walks out of the medlab:: I'm sick of listening to it, let's get some food and talk upstairs..

<Talon> ::props his feet up:: ahhhhh...much better

<Rhythm> ::grins at Eve:: like i said, you're weird, guess I am too, heheh

<Gage> Mayb- :;watches Dragon leave:: ((Okay)) ::follows::

<Cryz> ::blinks at Drags:: ...are you alright? ((hon?)) ::frowns slightly::

<Gage> >>>>>EPILOGUE<<<<<

<Eve> ::extends her arms like a gameshow hostess:: Kitchen!

<Gage> LOCATION> Worthington Industries private jet bound for New York.

<Gage> Scene> Val Cooper and Warren Worthington III, also known as Angel or Archangel, are in mid-conversation.

<Gage> <Angel> So, they don't seem to trust you guys? ::takes a sip of coffee::

<Gage> <Val> No. I can't blame them, really I suppose.

<Gage> <Angel> No, I suppose not. I really do appreciate you letting me be involved with the team, though.

<Gage> <Val> We appreciate your help. Your funding was crucial. ::puts to sugars into her coffee::

<Gage> <Angel> Truth be told, I doubt Gyrich would have agreed to some of my suggestions of if I didn't have as much money as I do.

<Gage> <Val> Speaking of which, we finished doing our own background checks on the two new members. They seem clean.

<Gage> <Angel> If Gyrich hadn't chosen them, I wouldn't be worri-


<Gage> <Man> ::surrounded in blue energy:: I'm one hell of a shot, I must say.


<Gage> >>>>>END SIM<<<<<<