[Gage] **********RSVP!!!**********

<Myriad> @@

<Seraph> @@

<Dragon> @@

<Cryz> @@

<Priss> @@

<Nimbus> @@

<Styx> @@

<Phase> @@

<Gryphon> @@

[Gage] *********BRIEF**********

[Gage] Welcome friends. Today we celebrate the union of two characters known as Cryz and Dragon. It will take place at the X-Mansion, and all X-men members in attendance are asked no to mention Obsidian (as per the character's request), who has left for the next few days. There will be a brief sim period before the ceremony, the ceremony, and then…PAR-TAY! Please enjoy yourselves. Any questions?

<Dragon> ...Where are all the guests? *whimper*

<Myriad> ::hrrmms:: nope..

<Gryphon> Will Gryphon be making a cameo appearance at all? =P

<Phase> :::Looks around::: Where's the booze?!

<Phase> <Jennifer> :::Groans, then slaps her forehead::

<Cryz> Where's everybody? ::whines::

<Seraph> ::mutters a small prayer:: no questions

[Gage] I dunno! Remind me to write angry e-mails....and, No...and...it's in the back...and...I dunno, again.

<Priss> ::looks at Phase:: baka

<Nimbus> ::whispers:: what's "baka" mean again?

[Gage] ready?

<Dragon> ...What happens if I lose my conn in the middle of it? -_-

[Gage] uh...we pause

<Phase> <Jennifer> :::Looks at Priss::: He's not all that bad. He's got a few redeeming qualities.

*** Gryphon is now known as Eclipse

<Priss> ::whispers to Nimbus:: idiot

<Styx> He's fun to beat on?

<Nimbus> ::nods:: yes... ba-ka

[Gage] don't sweat it...we're here for fun...

<Myriad> ::snickers::

<Cryz> ...bet her conn dies at the "Do you, Fenna Drakon, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

[Gage] ********SIM START*******



[Gage] <<myriad is with Dragon, I'm with Cryz, btw>>

<Myriad> <<k>>

<Seraph> <<and I'm double checking the arrangements outside?>>

[Gage] <<if you're so inclined>>

<Eclipse> <<*notes something* Where's Pol? Havok needs a Pol to be awkward with, damnit!>>

<Cryz> Soo... ::looks at himself in the mirror then chuckles nervously:: guess there's not much left, is there?

<Eclipse> <<That being said..>>

<Dragon> ::having 'borrowed' her old room for the occasion, paces back and forth restlessly:: ((I'm calm. I'm calm. I'm calm.))

[Gage] ::fuddles with his bow tie:: Not much left? How so? ::looks curiously at him::

[Gage] <<this is everyone btw>>

<Myriad> ::wearing a light blue dress with matching shoes and purse that make her look even paler then usual... watches Dragon pace:: ..you're going to make me feel nervous if you keep it up..

<Dragon> ::strained tone:: Sorry! ::stops in front of the mirror, absently checking her veil:: This thing is going to fall off when I'm walking or something...

<Cryz> ::looks at Gage:: Well... I just... go out there, and it's... the wedding. No more preparations or anything. ::turns to scrutinize himself in the mirror for the umpteenth time:: It must be some universal rule where you're nervous at weddings, even if you've been wanting this from the first time you got to know that special person...

<Seraph> ::checks the sound cables running from the keyboard to the sound system:: ((check...)) ::walks along and checks the flowers around the gazebo <<or whetever it is>>:: ((yes, these look very nice...)) ::smiles ot himself::

<Eclipse> Geez.. this place is much bigger from the ground.. ::looks at tesla as they walk around:: Thanks for agreeing to go with me.. I know this must be kind of weird for you not knowing any of these people and all..

<Phase> :::Keeping picking at his tux::: I can't believe they seriously talked me into this. Like my usual cloths are worse.

<Myriad> ::shakes her head:: no, it won't.. i can even go steal some superglue if you'd think it'd help.

[Gage] <Val Cooper> ::walks up behind Seraph:: Hello, Gideon.

<Nimbus> ::stands in his room, combing his hair, just about done getting dressed::

<Seraph> ::looks up and turns around:: oh, hello there. Have we met?

[Gage] ::chuckles:: Well, I'm sure theres worse things to be nervous about. Relax, would you? ...you don't knwo how to tie a bow tie do you? ::fuddles::

<Dragon> ::fidgets, eyes darting around the room:: ....How much longer? ((wonder if anyone's used this since I left...))

<Phase> <Jennifer> :::Rolls her eyes at Phase::: Get used to it, Randy. 'cause in a few months, you'll be the one saying the words.

*** Eve (~Moon@rafiq.pressenter.com) has joined channel #X-Factor

*** Mode change [+o Eve] on channel #X-Factor by Cryz

<Myriad> ...not very much longer..

<Phase> :::Shudders::: Don't remind me. I hate weddings. There's always alot of people crying and whining about losing someone...or was that a funeral?

<Styx> <Tesla> Ah, it's not a problem for me. People don't bother me too much.

<Eve> <<sorry, got sidetracked, someone fill me in? ^^>>

[Gage] <Val Cooper> You work for Warren, don't you? I'm Val Cooper. I think I saw you once when I was at his office. ::offers her hand to shake::

<Dragon> ::breathes deeply, leaning against the wall:: ... ((I'm calm... i'm calm.. calm... calm...))

<Cryz> ::looks at Gage:: ...bow tie? Hmm... ::walks over to him and quickly ties it for him:: heh, guess it was a bow tie I knew how to tie. I thought it was the other one... with the long hanging down part.

<Seraph> ::smiles and shakes her hand:: ah, its a pleasure to meet you

<Phase> <Jennifer> :::Frowns at Phase::: And here, you were Prince Charming months ago. What happened to you?

<Priss> ::pulls into the garage and cuts her bike's motor:: ((got to hurry... doing brilliant Priscilla... wait to the last minute to get a dress...)) ::hurries to her room to change quickly::

<Eve> ::rushes in and nearly trips in her dress, she's carrying a big bag of packages:: I made it! I've got the presents for everybody!

<Nimbus> ::brushes off his rental tux and looks in the mirror:: ((yes, the white one would have looked very .. bad))

<Myriad> ::with a slight smirk:: ...you're going to be fine..

<Phase> Prince Charming? Ha! I've never been anything other than what I am. A hard-edged cop with a bad attitude.

<Eve> Now I just have to put these under the wedding tree, right? ::big smile:: Hey... where is everybody?

[Gage] Whoa, heh. Pretty nice. ::puts it on and looks in the mirror::

<Phase> <Jennifer> Really? And what about...:::Whispers something into Phase's ear, causing his eyes to go wide:::...or was that a one time event?

<Dragon> Really? ::looks at Myriad without her usual guarded expression::

<Myriad> 'course you are.

<Phase> :::Coughs a few times, then looks around::: Uhm, let's meet some of the people here, Jen. Hate to waste all this time on us...right?

[Gage] <Val Cooper> ::nods:: Warren said you'd been hanging around with X-Factor recently.

<Eclipse> So.. umm.. where're you from?

<Dragon> Okay.... ::closes her eyes, taking another deep breath:: ...

<Seraph> ::nods:: recent events seemed to warrant my presence.. and I enjoy the company

<Cryz> ::takes a few slow, deep breaths:: ((Calm... must be calm...))

<Eve> ::frowns:: nobody is here..

<Eve> ::puts the presents down::

<Myriad> ::glances at her watch::

<Priss> ::bolts into her room and slams the door... setting a record for changing outfits::

<Dragon> ... ::walks to the window, looking out at the grounds:: ... ((Just think... not going to be leaving through the window, this time..))

<Phase> <Jennifer> :::Sighs::: Alright, I'll let you off the hook...this time.

<Nimbus> ::exits his room, holding a small plastic box, and looks around the hallways for a few minutes:: ((which one is it... argh))

<Styx> No one filled you in about me? Ain't a real problem but if you couldn't tell I'm from New York.

[Gage] <Dr.Bartlet> ::sitting in one of the seats by herself, in a dress that looks fiting for a woman of her age:: (( Was nice of them to invite me ))

<Phase> :::Walks up behind Eve::: Well, if it isn't Mrs. Sugary herself.

<Eve> No, it's just Eve... hi! ::waves::

<Nimbus> ::lightly knocks on Priss' door:: room service

<Eve> I got the wedding presents but I can't find the wedding tree and everybody isn't here... ::blinks::

<Phase> <Jennifer> :::Looks surprised::: Wedding tree? Are you sure you have the right celebration, dear?

<Eclipse> New York.. you're an awful long way from home.. Doesn't your family miss you?

<Myriad> ::...briefly reaches out to feel the emotions of the others:: ((...hrm, the other nervous one's gotta be the groom.. oh.. and that one's Eve...))

<Eclipse> <<Err.. in California she would be, heh..>>

<Eve> ::smiles and nods:: Yeah.. wedding day! ::looks around for the "wedding tree"::

<Priss> ::finishes putting on the heels <<evil heels!!!>> and putting her hair up:: come in

<Cryz> <<no Nik?>>

<Phase> <Jennifer> ::::Whispers to Phase::: She's a friend of yours?

<Eclipse> <<Nik must make an entrance -_->>

<Nimbus> ::opens the door a crack:: are you decent?

<Dragon> ::turns back around:: ((...I haven't seen any of the old-timers since I got here...))

[Gage] ::slumps in his chair and checks his watch:: Would you relax? Please? ::pours a small cup of scotch and takes a sip::

<Eve> hmm.. maybe this is part of it... trying to find the wedding tree... that's really weird.. ::checks a closet::

<Phase> :::Chuckles nervously::: Well, they allowed me on the team and I couldn't say no.

<Priss> hai ::smiles as she stands up::

<Styx> <Last time I spoke was Tesla. Sorry guys. ::Turns off CT.:: --;;>>

<Seraph> ::smiles to himself as the cool breezes blows through his wings::

<Eclipse> <<Heh..>>

<Eve> ::stops looking around for a while and looks at Gage:: Phase, have you seen Gage around?

<Phase> <Jennifer> :::Rolls her eyes, then walks up to Eve, tapping her on the shoulder::: Dear, there's no such thing as a 'wedding tree'. You're thinking of Christmas.

<Cryz> Hmm... how much longer til we get started? ::nervous smile::

<Nimbus> ::opens the door further and steps inside, glancing around for a moment:: hi.. wow, you look great

<Eve> ::smirks:: I know there aren't any wedding tree's during Christmas... those are "Christmas trees" ::smiles::

<Styx> Tesla> Well, half of my family lives in Cali. The other half lives here.

[Gage] A few minutes. ::looks out the window::

<Phase> <Jennifer> :::Groans::: I give up! She's hopeless!

<Eve> ::blinks::

[Gage] <Val Cooper> ::goes and sits next to doctor Bartlet:: Hello Madelyn.

<Phase> Gee, I coulda told you that, dear. :::Smirks, then looks to Eve::: He's with the dead man upstairs. They're putting together a battle plan...hopefully.

<Eclipse> Divorce?

<Dragon> ::fidgets... looking a bit uncomfortable in a dress to begin with, much less an elaborate one... steps in and out of her shoes, idly::

<Seraph> ::walks over to the keyboard, carefully sitting on the bench and tucking his wings back so they don't blow around so much::


<Priss> arrigatou... the Asagiri 3 minute make over ::smirk::

<Eve> ::frowns:: we're having another battle with someone? Why didn't Gage tell me?

<Myriad> ::with slight amusement:: ..won't be too much longer now.

<Dragon> ::visible jump at the music:: ...Is it starting? Should I be down there? Am I supposed to wait here for a certain cue or something?

<Eve> ...it's like he doesn't want me around... ::blinks:: Hey, music! ::rushes outside nearly tripping because of the long dress she's wearing a couple times::

<Styx> <Tesla> ::Shakes her head.:: Nope. I wish sometimes it was. My dad died when I was younger. Mom remarried and moved out for a better job.

<Eve> ::notices all the people and looks around confused::

[Gage] <<Er....Seraph is playing the solo, heh>>

<Phase> <Jennifer> :::Looks to Phase::: If all your friends are like this, I fear for this world.

<Eve> Hello! ::waves and smile politely::

<Cryz> ::looks up at the piano solo, almost jumping a little bit:: Well... guess this' it... ((you ready for this, hon?))

<Nimbus> ::slight smile:: oh, I got you something ::holds out the box containing a single white orchid::

<Phase> So do I, dear....so do I. :::Walks outside, Jennifer in tow:::

<Myriad> ::chuckles:: in a minute..

<Priss> ::smiles:: my favorite... domo arrigatou

<Dragon> {{...Ready? Yeah.. ready... nervous... nervousnervousnervous..}} ::fidgets again:: ...

[Gage] ::gets up and sets the down his glass:: Better go find your blushing bride...excuse me. ::exits and goes and knocks on Dragon's door::

<Nimbus> um.. 'welcome... ::blinks:: ((I think that was right...)) oh, would you like me to pin it on?

<Eve> ::sits towards the back by herself:: ...I think that means I should be quiet..

<Priss> ::nods:: hai

<Styx> <Tesla> So how long have you known the bride and groom? Or did you just know one of them?

<Eclipse> Sentry> ::plays with his tie as he has been since approximately ten minutes after putting it on, notices the priest and calms a bit, says to styx:: Are you.. enjoying youself?

<Dragon> ..::looks up at the knocking:: ... ::breathes deeply, slipping her shoes on again:: Who is it?

<Eve> ::focuses on a butterfly fluttering around::

<Seraph> ::smiles brightly as he plays::

[Gage] It's me. Gage...er...Abe. Whatever. It's me. ::shakes his head::

<Myriad> ::...walks over to the door and opens it slightly::

<Nimbus> ((just.. relax... ok, you'r enot going to poke her with the pin...)) ::nervously removes the flower and pins it on:: ((whew..))

<Phase> :::Takes a seat, Jennifer sitting next to him::: So, how're things back home?

<Styx> ::Looks a bit nervous and nods.:: The music playing is nice... I can hardly believe I'd be back here.


<Cryz> ::looks towards the door:: Guess it's time to go get ready... ((I almost wish my family could at least see this.. wonder who qualifies as family..))

<Dragon> ::shifts her weight from one foot to the other, knotting her hands together behind her back:: Am I supposed to go down now?

<Phase> <Jennifer> :::Silent for a moment, then looks at his hands as she speaks::: They miss you, Randy. For the longest time, they thought you were dead. Now...they just want you home.

<Phase> :::Shakes his head::: For now, my place is here. In time, maybe. But...not now.

<Eclipse> The groom was my team leader on the old X-Force.. he bailed on the team to go be with the bride.. can't say I blame him one bit though..

<Nimbus> ::hears the music:: I think its time we headed downstairs now... ::smiles and holds out his arm::

[Gage] I'm here to occupany the bride down the isle...if thats okay. ::looks in:: No, no. Cryz hasn't left his room.

<Eve> ::watches the buttefly still::

<Dragon> Oh... ::nervous smile:: That's.. kind of you

[Gage] <Dr.Bartlet> ::taps Eve on the shoulder, sitting behind here:: Hello, dear. ::smile::

<Phase> <Jennifer> :::Nods sadly, then focuses her attention on the others around them:::

<Cryz> ::pokes his head out of the room, looking around nervously then starts to head for the main door::

<Priss> ::smiles... in her dark blue formal dress... blue heels... and a white orchid pinned on the dress... takes Nimbus' arm:: sounds like showtime... ne?

<Eve> oh... Hello Doctor Bartlet ::small smile::

<Styx> <Tesla> Can't blame them one bit on that, even if I don't know 'em. Family and love's important. ::Moves to a seat.::

<Phase> :::Hears the music, then chuckles to himself:::

<Nimbus> ((hai?)) hai.. ((I think..)) ::escorts her downstairs and outside::

<Myriad> ::..concentrates for a moment:: ...i think the nervous man just left his room...

[Gage] <Val> Hello, Eve. How're things? I geard you met Dr.Strange recently. ::smile::

<Phase> <Jennifer> :::Turns her attention back to Phase::: What's so funny?

<Phase> :::Speaks between chuckles::: I still say they should be playing "Taps."

<Dragon> ::muttering under her breath:: I told myself I was not gonna be nervous... why should I be nervous... why AM I nervous...? ::fidgets more::

<Eve> ::blinks:: Yes... we did... we got to be animals for a while and that was pretty fun.. ::glances down at the ground::

<Nimbus> ::finds a nice seat and holds his arm out for Priss to sit down first:: after you...

<Priss> ::smiles and sits down::

[Gage] <Dr.Bartlet> ::chuckles:: Animals, oh dear. What kind of animals?

<Myriad> ...because this is an important event? ..just don't worry about it, things will be fine.

<Phase> :::Begins humming "Another One Bites The Dust", until Jennifer jabs him in the ribs with her elbow:::

<Eclipse> Sentry> Sydney.. are you.. happy?

<Nimbus> ::sits down next to her:: you look very lovely in a dress.. ::blushes slightly and looks ahead::


<Eclipse> I agree.. love's important..

<Dragon> Fine... yes... things will be fine... I will wake up in a few hours and all the ceremony stuff will be over...

<Eve> all kinds of different ones... different.. ::face saddens:: like me...

<Myriad> ::smirks::

<Eve> ::glances over towards the back::

[Gage] Relax, relax, relax. ::looks at Myriad:: How long has shee been acting like this?

<Cryz> ::looks down at his feet then wills them to move with a slight breath before glancing towards the priest as he walks down the aisle::

<Priss> <<::snickers... wondering if Nik notices the singer Raptor admires so much::>>

<Myriad> ::slight shrug:: almost the whole time.. need me to calm her down a bit?

<Styx> Happy? ::Looks about quietly.:: It's very nice but there's so much activty around here, even in the day. ::Does the quotaion motion at activity then quiets seeing the groom.::

<Dragon> ::nervous laugh:: Acting like this? Acting like what?

<Styx> <<Sydney'll get an autograph. ^_^>>

<Seraph> ::begins to bring the piano solo to an end::

<Styx> <<Or maybe not. Might not be too good for priss.>>

[Gage] ::laughs then smiles:: Okay...c'mon. ::extends his bent elbow:: We have places to be. ::looks at Myriad:: Better find your seat.

<Eve> ::smiles a bit:: I hope those two can be happy..

<Myriad> ::nods and moves out the door and downstairs::

[Gage] <Dr.Bartlet> If they found love a this age...I'm sure they will be.

<Cryz> ::stops at the end of the aisle then turns to the side, looking back down the aisle:: ((wonder how the dress looks on her...))

<Dragon> ::glazed blink:: ...What if I pass out? ((...not gonna pass out... don't be an idiot..)) ::takes Gage's arm and stares straight ahead, eyes a little too wide::

<Eve> love.. ::blinks::

<Eclipse> Sentry> ::looks at styx.. then looks at the alter::

<Myriad> ::quickly goes outside.. well, as quickly as possible with heels on.. and sits towards the back::

[Gage] <Priest> ::nods to Cryz:: Welcome to the best day of your life, son.

<Eve> ::looks at Dragon and Gage:: What's that feel like Doctor Bartlet?

<Phase> <Jennifer> :::Notices Cryz, chuckles lightly::: He looks like he's about to pass out.

<Phase> I wouldn't be surprised. :::Mumbles:::

<Cryz> ::nods to the Priest then cracks a small smirk:: I'll be happier and less nervous after the ceremony, I think...

<Styx> ::Whispers.:: I'll explain later.

<Dragon> <<I.. thought I was still at my room..>>

[Gage] <Dr.Bartlet> Oh...It can't be described. ::looks back:: But ask me later and I'll try to put it into words.

[Gage] <<you are>>

<Seraph> ::ends the piano solo and switches soundbanks, glancing at the priest with a slight nod, then begins to play the customary wedding music::

<Eve> <<my bad then, sorry>>

<Eclipse> ::whispers to tesla:: That's the face of a man who'd rather be facing down a Sentinel right now..

[Gage] <Priest> ::smiles:: I understand completely.

<Eve> that's okay...

<Myriad> ::puts her hands in her lap and looks around::


<Nimbus> ::turns to look::

<Styx> <Tesla> ::Nods and whispers.:: They should of eloped. Much easier. ::Shuts up hearing the wedding march.::

<Dragon> ::very pale... but on her feet:: ((just... keep... breathing...))

[Gage] ::looks at Dragon, then Cryz, whispers:: I'm not going to have to carry you down there am I?

<Cryz> ::blinks at the sight of Drags:: ((...wow...)) ::smiles, begining to relax a bit more::

<Myriad> ::...turns slightly:: ((...she's as pale as i am..))

<Eve> ::watches Dragon and Gage and sighs a bit but does her best to smile:: She looks pretty..

<Phase> :::Looks down the isle, a smirk on his face::: ((This should be interesting.))

<Eclipse> Havok> ::looks back at drags.. his gaze pauses on pol for a moment as he does so.. sighs::

<Dragon> ::undertone... around the veil that keeps trying to blow into her mouth:: I'm fine... mostly...

<Eclipse> ::snickers..::

[Gage] Glad to hear it...cause we've been standing here for like 2 minutes. ::nudges Drags a bit and starts to move forward::

<Eve> ::clenches her hands together and has a slightly sick look on her face::

<Phase> <Jennifer> :::Smiling, whispers to Phase::: What a lovely couple. Wonder if we'll be like that?

<Dragon> ::starts slightly, then paces along with the music:: ((...breathe... breathe... why can't wedding marches be fast...))

<Phase> :::Merely mutters to himself, then slaps his forehead:::

<Nimbus> ::whispers:: that dress is really pretty

<Eclipse> Sentry> ((She's.. so beautiful..))

<Cryz> ::takes a slow breath, trying to fight off the little bit more nervousness:: ((...finally... hope she wasn't thinking of turning the other way...))

[Gage] ::taking it step by step:: Almost there. ::stops once they reach the gazebo and helps her up the steps:: Have fun you two.

<Eclipse> <<Fun comes later..>>

<Styx> ::Watches quietly, a small smile seeing the couple relax.::

<Seraph> ::loops the chorus again to make up for the extended time, but merely keeps smiling::

<Dragon> {{Don't worry.. I'm not gonna run... }} ::manages a slight smile, managing to avoid tripping on the steps or her dress or the heels::

<Phase> <<:::Bites his lip to prevent his comment:::>>

[Gage] ::smiles as he turns and takes a seat next to Eve::

<Eve> ::watches the couple and smiles a bit:: they really do love each other..

<Seraph> ::fades the music out and watches::

<Myriad> ::watches::

<Cryz> ::smiles at her as she stops by her then turns with her to face the priest, lightly taking Drags' hand::

[Gage] Sure seems like it. ::watches::

<Priss> ::looks from Cryz to Dragon... and to Nimbus... smirking:: ((yeah right... go ahead... seal his fate)) ::smirk fades a little::

<Eve> ::tenses up a bit and looks away as soon as Gage sits down::

[Gage] <Priest> ::looks at Cryz and Dragon, then at everyone else:: Honored guests, we are joined here today to witness the union of a very special couple, whom we see before us.

<Dragon> ::grips Cryz's hand... quite firmly, staring at the priest:: ((...breathe... breathe...))

[Gage] ::quirks an eyebrow at Eve, then leans and whispers:: You okay?

<Cryz> ::smiles, listening to the Priest:: ((you look positively stunning...))

<Phase> BRB

<Phase> <<>>*

<Nimbus> ::just keeps smiling dopily while watching::

*** Signoff: Phase (CdrMikeASG@AC8180C5.ipt.aol.com) has left IRC [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]

<Cryz> <<o.o ::watches Phase stand up and yell the letters B, R, and B::>>

<Myriad> <<...lol>>

<Dragon> <<lol>>

<Eve> ::blinks and still looks down at the ground:: I'm functioning just fine, Gage...

<Styx> <<lol>>

[Gage] <Priest> On this day, Mark and Fenna are no longer separate beings...they are to be bound in matrimony under God. If anybody here has any misgivings about this union, please, let him or her speak now.

<Myriad> ::...trying not to think loud:: ((...Fenna? what kinda name is that....?))

<Eve> ((Who's Mark and Fenna?)) ::looks around and only see's Cryz and Dragon at the front::

<Nimbus> <<::plays jeopardy music::>>

<Eclipse> <<lol..>>

<Priss> <<lol>>

[Gage] ::makes a face:: ((Functioning?))

<Dragon> ::chewing on her lip, still staring fixedly at the priest, but aiming a stray thought at Cryz:: {{Are you anywhere *near* as nervous as I am?}}

<Seraph> ::sighs happily to himself::

[Gage] <Priest> Good, now, lets get started shall we? ::smiles at them both::

*** Phase (CdrMikeASG@ACAF7C12.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #X-Factor

<Styx> ((I thought being named after your grandfather was bad...)) ::Covers her mouth to hide a giggle.:: ((Well, it SOUNDS like a girl name.))

*** Mode change [+o Phase] on channel #X-Factor by Gage

<Cryz> ::begins to get more nervous, grips Drags' hand more:: ((...what do you think, hon? I asked Gage what time it was in the room about 1/2 a dozen times...))

<Cryz> ::nods slightly to the priest, unsure if they have to or not::

[Gage] <Priest> Mark, do you promise to forever love this woman whom you see before you for the rest of your life? To honor and cherish her?

<Eve> ::plays around with the hem of her dress a bit and glances at the wedding couple::

<Dragon> ::slight eye-twitch... can't help but 'overhear' some of the thoughts in the audience:: ((...I thought it was kindof a cool name, myself. Sheesh..)) ::squeezes Cryz's fingers:: {{Sounds like what I was doing..}}

<Cryz> ::slight swallow, squeezes Drags hand softly before smiling:: I do.

<Dragon> ((Oh my god, it's that part already?! Breathe!))

<Priss> ::blinks:: ((why are they so nervous?))

<Phase> :::Pulls out a small paper from his jacket, checking over it::: ((Well, looks like I'm gonna lose this bet.))

<Nimbus> ::smiles:: ((I can remember when those two first met... who would have thought... *mental snicker* this is kinda neat actually))

[Gage] <Priest> ::turns to Dragon:: And, do you swear to return this love, honor, and cherish?

<Dragon> ::swallows:: ...I do..

<Cryz> <<at least neither's voice cracked during that part -_-;;>>

[Gage] ::shrugs and reahces into his pocket and realizes he has the rings:: ((Oh crap...Dragon? I um....have the rings...with me...in my pocket)) ::makes a face::

<Eclipse> <<lol..>>

<Dragon> {{WhataretheydoingtherewhatamIsupposedtodonow?!?}}

<Phase> <Jennifer> :::Frowns, whips the paper out of Phase's hand, in a hushed voice::: A betting pool?! You had the nerve to do something like this?!

[Gage] <Priest> ::smiles:: The rings?

<Seraph> ::wipes a single tear from his eye:: ((I love happy beginnings...))

<Myriad> <<...run and get a pillow!! ^_^;>>

<Styx> ::Looks over to Phase and Jennifer, blinks, then leans back into her seat.::

<Myriad> ::...blinks at feeling the nervousness flare up again:: .....?

<Phase> :::Looks to the person next to him::: Wanna switch seats with me? Before my fiancee rips my head off?

[Gage] ((Catch!)) ::pulls the rings out and non-schalantly tosses them at the gazebo, hoping Dragons will use her TK::

<Cryz> ::nervous look, eyes dart around:: ((ohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrap...))

<Nimbus> ::glances at Priss for a second, before turning his attention back up front:: ((she's really pretty in that blue dress...))

<Eclipse> ::looks around as the wedding comes to a screaching halt, then casts his gaze upward at the flying rings:: ((Now that's a new tradition.. usually they just have a little munchkin with a pillow..))

<Dragon> ::wide-eyed, catches the rings and transfers them to her hand:: ...um, right here.. ::undertone::

[Gage] <Priest> Mark, place the ring on your beloved's finger and repeat: "With this ring, I thee wed."

<Styx> <Tesla> ((... Okay, Mama would kill me, but this is proof I've got to elope.))

<Myriad> ::small smile, watches::

<Eclipse> ::pulls out his handkerchief, prepares to offer it to tesla::

<Cryz> ::small relieved sigh, smiles and takes the ring from Drags' hand:: With this ring, I thee wed... ::slides the ring onto her ring finger, smiling before looking up at her face::

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<Dragon> ::smiles.. hand shaking a bit:: ((breathe...))

[Gage] <Priest> Fenna, place the ring on your beloved's finger and repeat: "With this ring, I thee wed."

<Eve> ..why do they look so nervous... they should be happy, aren't they..?

<Cryz> ::holds his hand out for the most part steadily::

<Phase> :::Chuckles::: Maybe I won't lose the best after all.

<Dragon> ::bites her lip for a moment, then slips the ring onto Cryz's finger:: With this ring... ::slightly choked sound:: I.. thee wed

[Gage] They are...scared too, though. ::watches::

<Phase> <Jennifer> :::Growls lowly::: Randy!

<Phase> Eep.

[Gage] <Priest> That wsn't so bad, was it? ::smiles and looks to the guests:: I now declare that the couple before you are now, Husband and Wife. ::looks at the couple:: Now...kiss for the people!

<Eve> ::quietly:: scared of being happy..?

<Eve> ::fidgets around a bit::

[Gage] Um, well, its hard to explain.

<Cryz> ::smiles, looking at Drags, momentarily forgetting about the surroundings and lifts her veil and kisses her softly::

<Eve> ::watches the kiss and smiles a bit:: you don't have to explain, Gage... I.. understand now...

<Styx> ::Glances over Mik's shoulder at Phrase and Jennifer again.:: ((How rude!))

<Dragon> ... ::sideways glance at the audience, then shrugs and forgets about them and pulls him closer... getting a better kiss going::

<Phase> <Jennifer> Aww, how sweet. :::Looks to Phase, who's making a face and groaning, jabs him in the ribs again with her elbow:::

<Eclipse> Come on! You can do better than that, Mark! Kiss her like you mean it!

[Gage] ::stands and claps as they kiss:: Wooo!

<Nimbus> ::smiles wider::

<Myriad> <<::snickers::>>

<Seraph> ::sniffles, having to resort to a kleenex::

<Styx> <Tesla> ::Sniffles, taking the the hankerchief and wipes her eyes.::

<Priss> ::smiles pleasently::

<Eve> ::blinks and stands up too and claps:: yeah...whoo! ...right?

<Styx> ::Glances up and claps softly.::

<Myriad> ((....awww....))

[Gage] ::laughs somewhat:: Yeah, Eve...woooooo!

<Cryz> ::doesn't even hear the crowd now, holding her close and continues the kiss before breaking it, needing to breath:: I love you...

<Eve> ::smiles a bit:: wooooo!

<Seraph> ((right.. right...)) ::quickly calls up the midi program and begins the music::

<Phase> :::Rolls his eyes, then stands and up begins clapping::: Way ta go, palie!

<Dragon> ::grins... looking a lot less pale now:: I love you too...

<Myriad> ::...glances at Gage and Eve, smirks and starts clapping::

[Gage] ********A SHORT TIME LATER********


<Eclipse> Sentry> ::drawn from his own thoughts by all the applause, blinks, and starts clapping as well::

<Eve> ::stands near the back of the and watches everybody have fun with a small smile on her face:: I'm glad they're happy

<Nimbus> ::looks over the food table:: that's alot of cheese cubes...

[Gage] ::at the bar pouring himself a drink, walks over to Eve:: Want a drin- Wait...just how old are you, Eve?

<Priss> ::raises an eyebrow:: that's... a light snack... ::smirk::

<Myriad> ::sitting in a chair with a plate of food:: ((...wonder when they're going to open the gifts...)) ::big smirk::

<Eve> I'm... ::blinks:: I don't know..

<Seraph> ::stands by the door greeting people, not really knowing what to do::

<Eve> I could have gotten you your drink Gage, I'm supposed to be working for you, right? ::blinks::

<Nimbus> "light snack"? ::blinks::

<Phase> :::Walks through the door, sporting a bruise on his cheek, Jennifer with a conspiratorial smile on her face::: Hey, bird man. How's it going?

<Cryz> ::more relaxed looking in his chair at the head table, simply smiles:: Phew... that wasn't so tough ::light chuckle::

<Priss> hai... after getting hit by a bus or something like that

[Gage] ::makes a face:: We're not working, Eve! We're celebrating! ::lifts his hands up, slightly spilling his drink:: Oops.

<Nimbus> ::winces slightly:: that doesn't sound like much fun

<Dragon> ::sipping at something that looks suspiciously like champagne, grinning... still gripping Cryz's hand with one of hers::

<Priss> it isn't

<Seraph> oh, hello there Mr Vincent

<Seraph> it is going well thank you

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<Eve> ::blinks and glances at Gage:: Gage.. you got all splashy.. I'll get some towels, okay? And it's alright ::smiles a bit:: I'm programmed to help people, right?

<Styx> ::Looks around nervously again, carrying a glass of soda.::

<Eclipse> ::has a big grin of his face as he twirls a broom handle in his hand; he has a drink in the other hand::

<Nimbus> would you like something to drink?

*** Phase (CdrMikeASG@ACAF7C12.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #X-Factor

*** Mode change [+o Phase] on channel #X-Factor by Gage

<Eve> ::heads for the table where some napkins are and passes by Cryz and Dragon:: Congratulations you guys... it was a really nice wedding, I enjoyed it a lot ::smiles at them::

<Myriad> ::munches on a small sandwich::

<Priss> some champagne please ::smiles::

<Phase> <<What'd I miss?>>

[Gage] ::follows Eve:: You aren't programmed! You're human! You are Eve, cool kickin girl who knows how to party, right? ::smiles::

<Eclipse> ::downs the drink, sets the glass aside and screams at the top of his lungs:: IT'S LIMBO TIME!

<Myriad> ::....glances over at E:: .........

<Styx> <Tesla> ::Mumbles lightly and sips some champagne.:: ((How much did have to drink already?))

[Gage] <Dr.Bartlet> ::eyes E::

<Nimbus> ::walks over and gets two glasses of champagne, then returns:: here ya go

<Dragon> ... ::snickers, degenerating into a rather hopeless giggle::

<Priss> ::blinks at E's exclaimation:: who... is that... ::thinks for a second:: ink blot?

<Styx> Tesla> ::Covers her face with one hand.::

<Seraph> ::looks over at Eclipse:: ((somehow I think I would not do well at that))

<Cryz> ::looks towards Drags, raising a brow at her with a small smirk::

<Phase> :::Looks at Seraph, unconsciously rubbing his bruise::: Glad to hear. You know anything about the motorcycle parked in front of my car in the garage?

<Dragon> ::hums the limbo tune... getting it about half right, with the occasional word thrown in where she thinks it might go::

<Nimbus> ::quints slightly:: I'm.. not sure

[Gage] <Val Cooper> ((Time to open up, I guess)) ::walks over to E:: I'm all for limbo.

<Eve> ::glances back over at Gage:: Why are you saying that.. oh Gage, it's alright... ::smiles:: I'm fine.. so you don't have to be worried about me..

<Seraph> why did you park in the garage? ::blinks::

<Phase> Where do you expect me to park? On the roof?

<Cryz> ::looks from Drags' drink then to her, leaning over to whisper:: How many have you had?

[Gage] ::shakes his head with a smile:: Suit yourself. ::goes back to the party::

<Seraph> no.. but we are guests here, and the students here have assigned locations to park their vehicles.. you must have taken someone's spot ::faint look of concern::

<Eve> ::hands him the napkins:: Umm.. here you go... you can get that splashy splash stuff off now ::small smile and quickly looks away:: Where did Seraph go?

<Eclipse> Sentry> ::has by now disgarded his jacket and tie.. idly nurses a soda..:: Sydney.. would you mind joining me? I hear there's a lake not far from here.

<Dragon> ::wide-eyes:: ...Not... many... ::can't keep a straight face::

[Gage] ::grabs the napkins as he walks away:: Thanks! See ya in there!

<Priss> ::knocks back the champagne easily:: champagn... ginger ale... what's the difference?

<Eclipse> ::holds up one end of the stick.. someone needs to grab the other end, heh::

<Eve> ::sighs:: you're welcome..

<Phase> ::Shrugs:: I didn't want one of the numbskulls to dent my car. Just got her repainted.

<Seraph> ::sees an opporitunity and walks over, taking the other end of the stick:: I will assist you sir

<Myriad> ::....wonders if it would be proper to try and calm down the shadow-man...::

<Styx> ::Almost jumps but relaxes and looks reliefed at the suggestion.:: Sure. ::Slight smile.::

<Phase> <Jennifer> Randy, do you have to be rude about everyone you meet?

[Gage] <Val Cooper> ::takes off her jacket:: Okay...lets Limbo!

<Phase> Yes. If I didn't, they wouldn't feel loved. Now, let's see if we can find El Capitan.

<Cryz> ::smirks at her:: Maybe you'd better cut back on the drinks for a little bit... you look very hot in that dress, you wouldn't want anybody taking advantage of you in your.. tipsy condition

<Dragon> ::mumbles, putting her hands to her cheeks:: ...my face is tingly..

<Eve> ((That's all I'll ever be.. ))

<Eclipse> WHOO! ::grins at seraph:: WHOOHOO!

<Styx> <Tesla> ::Sighs quietly and walks over to the bar looking at the selection.::

<Priss> ::raises an eyebrow at Seraph and E holding the limbo pole:: I'll pass... unfair advantage and all

<Myriad> ((....good lord....))

[Gage] ::walks over to Cryz and Dragon:: So...when you tossing the buequet? ::looks at her kind of tipsy condition:: Hpefulyl before you toss yer cookies.

<Nimbus> oh go on, someone needs to teach these "bakas" some respect ::snickers and takes another sip of champagne::

<Phase> :::Looks around, towing Jennifer around, then stumbles into someone::: Hey! Watch where your going!

<Styx> <Tesla> ::Looks over her shoulder, then sighs before looking for some good imported wine.::

<Dragon> ::points in E's general direction:: I think your friend wants to limbo... ::muffled snicker:: Umm. Bouquet? Oh.. yeah...

<Cryz> <<-_- are you drinking right now to celebrate in RL, Gage? heh heh>>

<Myriad> ::...tries to calm down the hyperactive 'ink blot' a bit::

[Gage] <<No!>>

<Eve> ::sneaks away from the party and outside of the mansion towards the parking area and lays back on the ground, messing up the dress a little bit but not seeming to mind::

<Myriad> <<...lol>>

<Priss> ::snickers:: ok...

<Eclipse> Sentry> ::places his hand on the small of styx's back and starts walking towards the lake::

<Styx> <Tesla> ::Glares at Phase.:: Pardon yourself.

<Nimbus> ::holds the broomstick and looks at E:: from where are you visiting, sir?

[Gage] <Val> ::curious look at E:: We'ren't you with X-Force for a while?

<Nimbus> <<ack, that was Seraph>>

<Nimbus> <<::grumbles:: stupid mouse>>

<Styx> Didn't like the party too much, Nik?

<Eclipse> <<You think you can calm E down after he's had a few drinks, heh? It is.. to laugh.. haha haha>>

<Seraph> ::holds the broomstick and looks at E:: from where are you visiting, sir? <there we go>

<Dragon> Hey... people can't leave yet! I haven't tossed the bouquet! ::locates the bouquet in question and waves it slightly in the air::

<Myriad> <<......-_-;;>>

<Phase> :::Raises an eyebrow, looking Tesla over::: I don't believe we've met. You don't seem like one of the usual nuts I work with.

<Eve> ::blinks:: ((I'm not the only one of me... what about Adam? Maybe he's feeling the same way as me now..?)) ::keeps staring up at the sky::

[Gage] <Val> ::looks at Dragon:: oooh.

<Eclipse> ::nods:: I'm back with them now..

<Myriad> ::...glances over at Drags:: .......((...no way in hell i'm moving from this spot.))

[Gage] <Dr.Bartlet> ::belly laughs from the seat at Dragon::

<Cryz> ::looks towards Drags:: ((think it'd be possible for us to head out on the honeymoon sooner than we'd planned?)) ::smirks::

<Priss> ::looks at Dragon:: ((what now?))

<Seraph> back with whom?

[Gage] <Val> ::back at E:: Oh?

<Dragon> ::blinks slightly at all the stares... shoots a look at Gage:: Thought you said it was time

<Eclipse> ::smiles slightly.. stops walking when he hears drags:: You know me.. not exactly the partying type.. I don't suppose you would want to... ::points to the bouquet::

<Cryz> ::calls out:: All eligible femals have to gather around so she can throw the bouquet!

<Eclipse> <<Damn! >>

<Cryz> <<women -_-;;>>

[Gage] ::eyes wide:: I didn't say nuthin of the sort...

<Myriad> ::.....stays where she is::

<Eclipse> <<I almost had it, heh..>>

<Phase> <<I sense a catfight in the near future:::

<Priss> ok... and the point to her throwing it is...?

<Phase> <<>>*>>

<Eclipse> <<That was Sentry, btw>>

<Nimbus> I think its a tradition, something about whoever catches it will be the next to get married

<Styx> <Tesla> I'm Sanica. Date and friend of the insane shadow. ::Nods.::

<Dragon> ::stands up, carefully pushing her chair back and getting herself and her skirt untangled from it:: Where'm I supposed to toss it from?

<Eclipse> ::nods to val:: You're Valerie Cooper.. g-woman.. correct?

<Seraph> ::looks over to see whats going on:: ooh, the boquet toss... its such a lovely boquet too

[Gage] Trust me...I've been to weddings..the women will come to you. So just sit still.

<Priss> ::walks to near the group of other single women:: ok...?

<Phase> Randy Vincent. P.I., teammate to the doomed. Pleased to meet ya. ::Nods in turn, then motions to Jennifer::: This is Jennifer Foster, my fiancee.

<Phase> <Jennifer> :::Gives a friendly smile to Tesla::: Pleasure to meet you.

<Styx> ::Glances over her shoulder then lightly smiles.:: Well, it's traditon. I won't fight, I promise. I'll be right back. ::Smiles and quickly moves over to the... catfight area.::

<Cryz> ::looks at Drags:: Turn around so your back's to them then ask them if they're ready before tossing it...

<Phase> <<Somebody call the medics. Tell them to be prepared for the worst.>>

<Priss> and I'm supposed to... what?

<Styx> ::Nods to Jennifer.:: Nice to meet you both.

[Gage] <Val> Yes, sir. ::stretches in preparation for the limbo::

<Nimbus> ::gets another glass of champagne::

<Dragon> ::turns away from the group, then glances over her shoulder:: Everyone ready?

[Gage] <Val> I'll be right back. ::walks over to the group of women::

<Styx> <Epp, That was Tesla.>>

<Priss> ready for waht ::blank stare::

<Seraph> ::looks at Val:: hello again ::holds the broomstick level with where E's holding it::

<Priss> <<-waht +what>>

<Myriad> ((....this' going to be fun to watch...))

<Phase> :::Looks around::: Tell me, Sanica, you wouldn't have happened to see our team leader around, would ya?

<Styx> ::Looks around quietly.::

<Dragon> ::looks back again to see if everyone is there::

<Myriad> ::..is not with the others::

<Eclipse> Havok> ::standing at the bar, sipping at his drink idly.. watches the bouquet toss::

<Eclipse> ::to seraph:: i didn't catch your name, Wings. ::smirks::

<Seraph> ::looks over to Myriad:: why do you not join them, Ms Wellington?

<Dragon> ::holds the bouquet out... then tosses it over her shoulder::

<Styx> <Tesla> ::Glances around.:: It's Fenna, right? ::Motions over to the single women group.:: She's tossing the bouquet...

<Eve> ::overhears all the commotion from the other side of the mansion:: ..sounds like they are having fun ::smiles a bit::

[Gage] <Val> ::jumps, knocking into Tesla:: oof!

<Myriad> ::....glances at Seraph:: ...why bother? i doubt i'll be getting married at all.

<Nimbus> ((this is rich... heh heh))

<Myriad> ::..looks back to the catfight::

<Styx> <Tesla> ::Stumbles a bit.:: Omph. Got it?

<Eclipse> <<Speaking of rich.. when do we get cake?>>

<Cryz> <<::waits for the action to see who got it::>>

<Styx> ::Rasies her hand out, Daria style.::

<Seraph> ::smiles to her and speaks ina warm voice:: I doubt that, from what I know you are a very caring and kind person.. there's no reason you shouldn't find happiness one day

<Priss> *sigh* ::jumps higher than would look possible trying to catch the boquet:: ((yikes... don't want that to get messed up))


<Myriad> ::....shakes her head slightly::

<Phase> :::Looks on, smiling::: Now, the fun begins.

<Nimbus> ::blinks:: ((...hmm))

[Gage] <Val> ::curses under her breath::

<Eclipse> <<If Nimbus gets the garter, then it was rigged! -_->>

<Seraph> ::glances back to E:: my apologize.. my name is Gideon Miranda ::nods his head slightly::

<Eve> ::stands up and brushes some of the grass off:: ((Hmm, I think I'll head back to our home and make sure nothing's happening))

<Styx> ::Sighs in relief and scampers away back to Nik.:: Looks like I'm going to remain single for a while.

<Eclipse> Jim Thompson.. nice to know you.

<Priss> <<Priss has no clue what that was about... she was trying to save the pretty flower arrangement>>

<Seraph> ::smiles:: itis nice to meet you too, Mr Thompson

<Styx> <Tesla> ... Why? I mean, a thing of flowers aren't gonna tell if you're getting married or not.

<Eclipse> Sentry> You don't look very disappointed. ::smirks::

[Gage] <<okay, don't freak out...gtg...be back in 15-20 mins...dad demands phone...keep this going...cut the cake or sumthin...heh>>

<Dragon> ::turns back around, seeing Priss with the flowers:: ((No idea who she is...)) Good luck! ::grins a bit::

<Cryz> ::looks around:: I suppose it's time for the garter? Or should we wait til after cake?