Name: Dr. Steven Strange

Group Affiliations: The Defenders (former) 



Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Distinguishing features: 


PowersStrange has no true superhuman powers since all human beings have the potential to manipulate magical energy, but he was born with a great talent for sorcery and has become one of the most powerful and versatile sorcerers in Earth's history through years of training, discipline, accumulated knowledge and personal enlightenment. Like most sorcerers, Strange has mystical powers that stem from three main sources: personal powers derived from developing one's own psychic potential, powers derived from tapping into the universe's ambient mystical energy, and powers derived from tapping into extradimensional power sources, usually by invoking extradimensional beings or objects in the recitation of a spell.

Strange's personal powers include mesmerism, illusion-casting and telepathy (he can reach any mind on Earth as long as he knows the person's location, and he can also contact multiple minds at any given time). His most exotic personal power is astral projection, the ability to expel his consciousness from his body in an "astral form" that can traverse the world unbound by the laws of physics. Strange's astral form is invisible, intangible and immune to both conventional physical injury and all but the strongest mystical assaults; however, while in astral form he can only manifest mentally powered abilities such as telepathy and psychokinesis. While Strange is in astral form, his physical body falls into a death-like trance state. If Strange's physical body were slain while he was in astral form, or if he remained in astral form for too long, he could be trapped in astral form permanently.

Strange can tap into the universe's ambient mystical energy for effects such as energy bolts, force shields, conjuration of small objects, exotic illumination, the transformation of an object's shape (a spell that usually lasts only as long as Strange wills it to do so) and teleportation. Teleportation of himself and others is a very mentally taxing and mystically draining feat, so Strange tries to employ this ability infrequently. Oddly, Strange usually finds interdimensional teleportation easier than teleporting between two locations in the same dimension. The most difficult and dangerous teleportation feat of all is to mystically teleport through time, though Strange has managed to do this on occasion.

When Strange invokes the names and aspects of various extradimensional beings and objects of power through his spells and incantations, he can use these extradimensional power sources for very specific effects without depleting his own personal power supply. Some of his more frequently employed extradimensional powers include the Flames of the Faltine, the Shades of the Seraphim, the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak and the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth.

In addition to his vast mystical abilities, Strange is well versed in various Oriental martial arts and has extensive medical knowledge.

Related Equipment-- Strange's Greenwich Village sanctum is filled with mystical objects and books collected by himself and his mentor, the Ancient One. Strange's more noteworthy accessories include the Greater Book of the Vishanti, his cloak of levitation and The Eye of Agamotto.

The Book of the Vishanti is an ancient tome filled with obscure arcane knowledge.

Strange's cloak of levitation, created by Enitharmon the Weaver, allows Strange to levitate and fly while he is wearing it; the cloak is psychically linked to Strange, and will respond to his commands even when he is not wearing it. The cloak can levitate and fly on its own, and can also lift aloft other masses in addition to Strange when necessary.

Empowered by and named for the mysterious extradimensional entity Agamotto, the Eye of Agamatto is an amulet that Strange usually wears at his throat; it can project a physically blinding, mystically overpowering "all-revealing light" that enables Strange to penetrate disguises, invoke images of the recent past and track both physical and mystical beings by their psychic or magical emissions. Strange can also probe minds more easily and thoroughly by using the amulet, which opens to reveal the image of a golden eye during this process (hence the amulet's name). The Eye can also serve as a gateway to other dimensions. Like the cloak, the Eye is psychically linked to Strange and responds to his mental commands. An astral facsimile of the Eye even appears on Strange's astral form, though its powers are far more limited than those of the actual amulet.

History-- Medical doctor Stephen Vincent Strange was a brilliant but arrogant surgeon who cared more about his salary than the welfare of his patients. When a car accident damaged the nerves in Strange's hands to the extent that he could no longer perform delicate surgery, Strange became despondent. He was offered prestigious consulting assignments and various other medical opportunities, but his pride kept him from accepting anything less than his former surgical position. Pouring all his time and money into quack doctors and attempted cures for his condition, Strange soon became a penniless derelict. He found new hope, however, in rumors of a Tibetan mystic known as the Ancient One, a sorcerer who could supposedly cure any physical ailment.

Strange went to Tibet and found the Ancient One's palace in the Himalayas, but the Ancient One said he could not help Strange unless the doctor proved himself worthy. Still not fully convinced of the Ancient One's power, the embittered Strange scoffed at the Ancient One's words; however, Strange remained at the palace since bad weather made it impossible to leave. While there, Strange discovered that the Ancient One's disciple, Mordo, was plotting against his master. When Strange tried to warn the Ancient One, Mordo used his sorcery to prevent Strange from telling what he knew. As a result of these events, Strange now truly believed in magic; he also realized for the first time that there was evil in the world, evil that had to be opposed. With these thoughts in mind, the newly enlightened Strange decided that the only way to battle Mordo would be to learn sorcery, so he made a sincere offer to become the Ancient One's pupil and learn the ways of magic. With those words, the Ancient One released Strange from Mordo's spell, and revealed that he knew of Mordo's treachery all along. The Ancient One had seen the potential for goodness and great mystical power in Strange, and had given Strange a chance to find these things in himself. Mordo was expelled from the Ancient One's service, and Strange took his place as the Ancient One's disciple.

In time, Strange became a master of the mystic arts and returned to his native America, setting up shop in Greenwich Village. The general public believes Strange to be nothing more than an eccentric occult authority, but in truth he wages a constant battle against the various supernatural forces that threaten Earth and its people. When the Ancient One later died fighting the demon Shuma-Gorath, Strange inherited his mantle as Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, the planet's leading magician and our dimensional plane's chief mystical guardian.

Strange thrives in solitude and seclusion, but he has also made many friends and allies over the years. These include his former manservant Wong, and disciples such as his lover Clea and the late Rintrah. Though his powers make him a superhero of sorts, Strange associates with non-mystical superheroes relatively infrequently since he prefers to concentrate his attention on supernatural threats; however, he is a founding member and former longtime leader of the Defenders, an informal super-team who band together when necessary or desired. The Defenders do not officially exist and have drifted apart in recent years, but Strange and his fellow Defenders continue to reunite on occasion, and he regards the core members of the team as close friends and valued allies (notably Sub-Mariner, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Valkyrie, Nighthawk, Luke Cage, Red Guardian (now Starlight), Hellcat, Devil-Slayer, Gargoyle, and the Beast). Strange also occasionally works alongside other non-mystical heroes, such as the Avengers, but the Defenders are his only close friends and allies outside of supernatural circles.

Strange's many mystically empowered allies include Topaz, the modern-day Black Knight, the late Victoria Bentley, Brother Voodoo, Scarlet Witch, Jennifer Kale, Shaman, Agatha Harkness, Black Crow, John Blaze, the current Ghost Rider and the late Doctor Druid. When Strange organized and then abandoned a more loose-knit version of the Defenders known as the Secret Defenders, he manipulated Druid into taking his place as the group's leader, although that team soon disbanded.


*taken from the unofficial handbook to the marvel universe. go there.