Name: Scott Isaac

Former Aliases:  None

Age:  24

Height:  6'2"

Weight:  230 lbs.

Hair:  Black

Eyes:  Blue

Birthplace:  New York, New York

Marital Status:  Single

Distinguishing Features:  None

Known Relatives:  Brad Issac (father), Heather Issac (mother), Sara Issac (sister)

Group Affiliations:  X-Factor(current); NYPD(former)



A retractable, razor-sharp protrusions of bone extends from each of his arms, pointing back past the elbow. In compensation for this, Talon also has an accelerated healing factor and an above human level of strength enough to lift about 7 tons.



Scott Issac was a New York City police officer that had served for a quite successful few years until an anonymous person informed his superiors that he was a mutant. Unable to deny this when faced with possible medical testing to confirm it, he had no choice but to admit to it. He was ordered to turn in his badge and gun and was promptly fired.

Scott was unable to determine just who discovered and turned him in as a mutant. Not long afterwards, he encountered both the Mimic and Hazard while at a bank and became involved in their battle. Hazard's teammates, X-Factor, also soon arrived on the scene. He left with them when they were relocated to Virginia and asked to be admitted onto the team. His request was accepted and he joined the team as Talon.

Not expecting super-heroing not what he expected, he decided to take a break and return to New York.