Name:  Matthew Donovan

Age:  23

Height: 5'11'

Weight: 192 Lbs

Eyes: Brown, (White While Powers Are In Use)

Hair: Short Brown

Birthplace: Allentown, Pennsylvania

Distinguishing Features: Tattoo on his chest, glowing white eyes while using his powers.

Known Relatives:  Peter Donovan(father), Abigale Williams(mother)

Group Affiliations:  X-Factor




The interior of Tempest's body contains an enormous amount of electrical energy. The energy is generated from Tempest's mutant nervous system. Tempest's powers are the ability to charge the electrical energy into a concussive blast and project it for a maximum distance of 200 yards. He has also been able to form a 'coating' of electrical energy on his skin. This coating offers a high degree of invulnerability while in use, however he cannot project any blasts while using this defensive power. He has also been able to channel his energy to give him the ability of flight.





 Matthew grew up as a normal boy until he turned 13 when he discovered his powers. His parents threw him a surprise birthday party for his 13th birthday, he had been out with some friends, and when he arrived at home, he was startled by the surprise. With the sudden shock, he erupted in an aura of electrical energy, striking one of his friends which stood beside him dead. After all the formalities of the funeral and such were taken care of, Matt was charged with the murder, however, because he was just a minor, he was sent to the Pennsylvania Juvenile Detention Facility. He spent several years there until he became 18. When he turned 18, his sentence was to be carried on, and he would spend the remainder in jail. However the United States military learned of his powers and offered an altimatum. He would be dropped of his charges if he agreed to spend 12 months undergoing government research and training. Wanting to rid his life of the solitude of detention, he accepted the offer. During those 12 months he underwent rigorous government training, as well as various tests to determine what had happened that day of his 13th birthday. They eventually discovered that he was truly a mutant, and the sudden shock that day caused his powers to manifest themselves and unknowingly and uncontrollably killed his friend. Instead of restraining his powers further, the staff assigned to Matt encouraged the usage of them. He eventually began to learn to use them. The US military was enthusiastic of their new weapon's potential and decided to enroll him in the elite training program for government operatives. Upon completion of the program he was assigned to X-factor, one of the government sponsored mutant superhero teams. He remained a member of the team for some time, until they aided Generation-X in the liberation of the government program called Squadron M, a group of mutants who had been brainwashed, and forced to work for the government. With the combined efforts of X-factor and Gen-X, they were able to fake the deaths of Squadron M, and free them from government custody. After the incident, the United States government put a warrant on X-factor for their arrest, and Tempest resigned from the team, and returned to the training facility. He returned to training full-time and became even more in control of his powers. During this tenure, he was given training in avionics.

Tempest is very serious about his duties, and keeps to his priorities. Because of his past, he keeps to himself often and channels his anger into productive energy fueling his workout sessions.