Uthek Caridas
Race: High Elf
Class: Mage (Psionist)
Age: 99
Weapons: None
Clothing: Wears a blue hooded cloak
Height: 5'0
Weight: 110 lbs.
Magic: elementary mind control (usually of animals), divination, levitation, teleportation, and illusionry.
Skills: Advanced speed, agility, and climbing abilities.

Uthek was born on the continent of Caridas, to a loving couple. He proved to be too much for them,as they wished only to live quiet lives and raise their other 16 children to be farmers and woodsmen. Uthek’s rambunctiousness and his constant nagging finally got his parents to agree to allowing him to travel to Cydonia to stay with his cousins and learn magic at the the age of 34. He stayed there for another 50 years working on his magic, and often getting into trouble. His Uncle and teacher, Spidros helped him become a somewhat talented psionist. He became a master at teleporting, using it to cause trouble and to sneak into places he wasn’t allowed.
Upon his 90th birthday, he set out to journey across the continents without leaving word of where he was going. Upon his journey's he made his way back towards Agamar, where he set-up living arrangements. He lives at The Crystal Falls Inn, to which he returns every now and then from his travels.

Uthek is basically a big kid. Despite not being a full-grown elf, he thinks of himself as one. In truth, he can be quite brave, though his stories make him sound like an experienced knight. He has impossible amounts of energy, and can just be so gun-ho about things that he doesn’t listen very well. He doesn’t have high opinions towards people younger than he (in trying to act like an adult, he treats them like children). He prides himself on being a direct descendant of the founder of the first Elven colony on Caridas.